Things are well and truly heating up in Singletown and all the show’s drama is finally getting to the contestants… and the viewers!

The brand new reality series on ITV sees the regular dating format flipped. Rather than people looking to find love, the contestants are exploring whether they want to fall out of love and fall back in love with the single life.

One of the most talked-about couples of the show is George Bird and Sophie Moran. From their non-stop bickering, George’s dodgy haircut and gaslighting, it’s no surprise that these two have been at the centre of the drama.

But things got even more complicated when gorgeous pro boxer Mason got in the middle!

Here’s everything you need to know about Mason.

Screenshot: Singletown S1 E9 – ITV Hub

Meet Mason

Mason “Smasher” Smith is a 22-year-old from Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead who is a professional boxer.

The light-welterweight started training at a young age, as his dad convinced him to box to stop him fighting in school. Originally Mason trained at Finchley A.B.C. which is where he crossed paths with world champ Anthony Joshua.

Mason said in an interview with Big Write Hook“I’ve seen Anthony Joshua from the first day he was in the gym, we both came out of Finchley and seeing him rise up the ranks gives hope that I can follow his footsteps.”

Although Mason never made it to Team GB for the Olympics – even though he had qualified and passed the three-month assessment – that didn’t halt his determination.

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Mason’s BoxRec

Mason’s first professional fight was on September 29th, 2018 against Rudolf Durica from Slovakia.

He won this first fight and the two following. He is currently 3-0.

It looks like Mason’s boxing career is continuing as he has a fight scheduled for this month!


On September 27th he will be taking on Frederick Castro from Nicaragua.

Mason stirs up trouble on Singletown

ITV has seen all kind of relationship shapes form over this summer thanks to Love Island, and now the tricky triangles and squares are back!

Episode 9 (Thursday, September 12th) saw Mason get himself in a love square.

He had been on five successful dates with Sophie and things were going well for the pair. But during George’s third date with blonde stunner Maureen, she revealed she had also kissed Mason.

He just can’t keep his hands to himself!

Here at Reality Titbit, we’re still hoping Sophie will pursue Mason rather than George but as she does not follow him on Instagram it doesn’t seem like things are kicking off between these two.

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