ITV brings us a brand new show in 2019 combining two things that everyone loves – horror and reality TV!

Eleven unsuspecting contestants arrive at Camp Pleasant to find out that it’s not so pleasant after all as there’s a murderer in their ranks. The aim? To earn cash and avoid being killed and therefore eliminated from the show.

Killer Camp airs nightly from Sunday, October 27th at 9 pm on ITV2. The show is made up of five episodes with the grande finale taking place on the scariest night of the year, Halloween!

The show’s contestants hail from all over the UK and not one of them knows who the killer is. So, without further adieu, let’s meet the Killer Camp cast!
Pictured: Back row: Eleanor, Sian and Rosie. Front row: Carl, Jacques, Holly, Nurry, Feargal, Rob, Sam and Warren.

Killer Camp cast: Meet Sian

First up is beauty therapist Sian who hails from Doncaster.

The 25-year-old said she wanted to “be herself” and “get on with everyone” rather than have tactics on the show.

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From Tuesdays Child
Killer Camp cast on ITV2
Pictured: Sian.


Looking for an experience to take her out of her comfort zone is Nurry.

The 23-year-old works as a pianist, however, her creative skills weren’t of any use when it came to Summer Camp as it turned into an experience of back-to-basics survival.

When working out who the killer could be, Nurry said: “They had to be a good liar and charming enough to make close friends and alliances. They had to gain people’s trust and move suspicion away from them.
Pictured: Nurry.


Chef Sam is next up on the cast list. He hails from sunny Poole and loved being taken out of his everyday life to experience Killer Camp.

Sam, 27, cited meeting new people as one of the reasons he wanted to take part in the ITV show as well as the excitement of being involved in a competitive game show.

Pictured: Sam.

Killer Camp cast: Holly

The youngest of the group is 19-year-old Holly.

The stunning brunette hails from York and works as a Barista.

Holly, as well of the rest of the cast, assumed they were off to Summer Camp for the summer but as we now know, they were actually headed for Killer Camp.

Holly said: “I had the time of my life! I thought it was so much fun, it was like being in a real-life horror movie, like a Cluedo.”
From Tuesdays Child
Pictured: Holly.


Next up is Peterborough gal and Healthcare Assistant Rosie.

Rosie, 21, said she didn’t have one tactic to win the show and explained that she’s no good at being deceitful and lying to people’s faces – qualities that she thinks the killer must have had.

From Tuesdays Child
Killer Camp on ITV2
Pictured: Rosie.

Killer Camp cast: Who is Carl?

The next Killer Camp cast member was hell-bent on outwitting the killer.

Meet the oldest of the bunch, 29-year-old Car Dealer Carl.

The Essex lad says his survival instincts kicked in during the show and that his experience was “erratic, to say the least.”
From Tuesdays Child
Killer Camp on ITV2
Pictured: Carl.


Describing Killer Camp as “the best and worst experience” he’d ever been a part of, is 22-year-old Jacques.

The Wine Tasting Host who hails from Cheshire said his “head went to spiders” when the huge twist in the show was revealed.

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From Tuesdays Child
Killer Camp on ITV2
Pictured: Jacques.


Meet ‘Yes’ man Rob. He works in a cinema and hails from Devon.

The horror movie lover said that his previous “cool dude” demeanour was swapped on the show. He said: “I was very on edge during Killer Camp.”

Rob, 28, was in it to win and said of his tactics: “We weren’t there to make friends, we were there to win money so I found it really good to focus my attention on all of the clues to try and work out who the killer might be.”
From Tuesdays Child
Killer Camp on ITV2
Pictured: Rob.


Eleanor is 22 years old comes from Chichester. The brunette beauty works as a Content Executive.

Her fun and adventurous side brought her to the show and Eleanor used her social skills as a tactic to try and work out who the killer was.
Pictured: Eleanor.


Next up is a horror mega-fan and someone who loves nothing more than a scare-fest.

Feargal, 26, works as a nanny and lives in London.

But, don’t let the PG day job fool you, Feargal said: “The underlying dark twist of who knows what your fate is going to be got me excited.
Pictured: Feargal.

Killer Camp cast: Meet Warren

And last, but not least, meet Chester lad and Eyewear designer Warren!

The 26-year-old claims that “nothing scares him” and enjoyed the show’s games the most as he’s very competitive.
Pictured: Warren.


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