Meet the Real Housewives of Jersey UK cast - Hedi, Jane and Margaret!

A new UK-based reality show is coming to ITV. It’s all in the name of the Real Housewives of Jersey – let’s meet the cast…

Seven ladies are set to take us into the reality of their lives, from across all aspects – including their personal relationships and careers.

The cast have all had to keep their appearances on the Real Housewives of Jersey a complete secret, until very recently.

So who is starring on the ITV show? Here’s the line-up of housewives!

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Hedi Green

Hedi is a health and wellness professional, having become interested in natural medicine from a very young age.

She says she saw her grandmother cure herself and family members of many illnesses using plants and diet.

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The Jersey star qualified in 1994 obtaining a Diploma in Remedial and Sports massage from the London School of Sports Massage.

She’s also pretty adventurous, as her hobbies include skydiving and biking!

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Jane Rayner

The single mother-of-three, who was born in Leicestershire, spent her teenage years living in Austria and Majorca, before moving back to the UK.

Moving to Jersey 6 years ago, the fashionista – which is how she describes herself – now lives at L’Etacq, in the Northwest of the island.

Jane is an ambassador for Brighter Futures, a charity supporting parents, families and young people in Jersey.

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Margaret Thompson

Margaret is a property specialist and business owner at Thompson Estates.

She is also the owner of two dogs called Coco-Chanel and Bella Thompson.

Before opening her own business, the Jersey star lived in a small village in Scotland, before spending her first job washing dishes in a local hotel.

She then became the director of another agency before deciding to launch her own in 2001, and has over 30 years of experience in property.

Kate Taylor

Kate’s main focuses are fundraising, wellness and being a philanthropist.

It looks like the socialite only recently joined Instagram, just in time for the show to officially launch.

She wrote:

Really proud to be part of this fabulous line-up of ladies and so excited to share our summer adventure on our beautiful island.

Her first post was 3 days ago…

Tessa Hartmann

Dr Tessa is a business woman and mum of four.

She has three businesses, including Jersey Style Awards, consultancy firm Hartmann House, and Art by Harti.

Calling herself a “momager”, the CBE-recognised star manages her daughter and singer Tallia Storm.

Tessa is married to film director Sascha Hartmann – she wrote films Sir Billi and Sir Billi the Vet while he directed it!

Mia Ledbury

Mia works for modelling agency Body London.

She is passionate about fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle.

The Real Housewives of Jersey star is married, however at the time of writing, it has not yet been revealed who her husband is.

Ashley Cairney

Ashley is a mum and wife, working in the beauty and lifestyle industry.

She is married to Ben Cairney, who she has two sons with.

The star seems to have a very positive mindset. In one post, she wrote:

Always entertaining, I love it. Why? because I see others smile and I smile along with them. My daily change is to try and make someone else smile and no doubt I will smile along with them.



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