A brand new season of Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by the comedy duo, Ant and Dec is back on ITV with more special guests, performances, pranks and our favourite segment, Chase The Rainbow.

The segment shows the hosts making an announcement to audiences at home about where the illuminated projection of the rainbow will be, which is always in an undisclosed area somewhere across the UK.

Episode two of the latest season will be airing tonight at 7 PM and fans at home are wondering where they might see it. Keep reading to find out more about Chase The Rainbow and where it has been spotted so far this season.

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The Andy Warhol Diaries | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Andy Warhol Diaries | Official Trailer | Netflix
Saturday Night Takeaway. Picture: Ant and Dec perform in DRAG with RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty! | Saturday Night Takeaway

What is Chase The Rainbow?

During each weekly episode of Saturday Night Takeaway the Chase The Rainbow segment invites audiences and the general public to get involved with the show from across the UK.

Ant and Dec will show viewers a picture of where the rainbow is in the UK, with it usually being at a memorable landmark in said town/city to make it a little less difficult for viewers. Then, audiences who think they know where the rainbow is will be invited to attend the location.

According to the ITV website, if the individual gets the correct location and is one of the first 105 to do so, they will be in with the chance of winning a huge prize. Contestants will also have to meet the eligibility requirements to be invited, i.e over 18.

Last weeks rainbow location

Last week hosted the first episode of the new season as well as the first Chase The Rainbow and fans managed to recognise the location after a lot of speculation.

The rainbow was projected onto Wentworth House in South Yorkshire, however, it took a while for audiences to work it out as many people on Twitter thought it was West Horsley Place. One person tweeted,

Anyone watching Saturday night takeaway: doesn’t the rainbow look like it’s at West Horsley Place!


Another fan convived it was West Horsely Place hilariously tweeted,

A possibility of the rainbow in Saturday night takeaway being at west Horsley place? we already know those ghosts are gay but I love the support and further confirmation nonetheless.


Where will tonight’s rainbow be?

Fans are already speculating and wondering where tonight’s Chase The Rainbow will be projected and it won’t be until we watch the episode that we will know for sure – but we guess that’s the whole excitement of it!

Locations in the past have ranged from the tip-top of Scotland all the way down to the Isle of White, so the rainbow could literally be anywhere.

Tune in to Saturday Night Takeaway tonight at 7 PM on Channel 4 to see if you can figure out where the rainbow is and if potentially, you can chase it yourself.



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