Kay Lovelle moped out of Big Brother as if it was her last resort. Reluctant, deflated – nothing would have stopped her. Did Lewis Flanagan bully her into defeat?

Within the four walls of the camera-rigged Big Brother house, a wolf pack of women has formed. Between the likes of Brooke Berry, Sian Hamshaw and Kenaley Amos-Sissons, bonds have been strengthened by parallel views on feminism, sexism and heterosexism.

Sure, Kay politely nodded and agreed, but it was veganism that she brought the table. Oh Kay, that’s just not the ‘ism‘ these cubs were looking for.

Her love for everything green and vegetable-y may have been expected to rev the engines of Lewis F, although differing views on everything and anything seemed their more popular choice of topic.

The penultimate clash came on Tuesday night (October 2nd).

Kay escaped to the bathroom for a breather as a vodka jelly shot-fuelled party unfolded in the Big Brother kitchen.

Along trotted Lewis F.

Admirably, honourably and heroically, he knocked on the door like a modern-day Prince Charming and asked if Kay was okay.

However, it took just 40 seconds of conversation before Lewis F’s dialogue switched from “I hope you’re alright” to ‘I have a point to make and I will argue to the death’.

This polite yet maliciously calculated type of conversation is Lewis’s expertise. The 27-year-old has a bitter personality yet it hides behind a soft nature. If you fancy a word of the day, take pugnacious.

Example: Lewis Flanagan is so f*cking pugnacious it hurts.

Although the barman from Middlesborough is well-groomed and fine-tuned, from his sculpted abs to plucked eyebrows, his way with words is like a courteous brawl. This guy never backs down.

During his final argument with Kay, she feebly wriggled out of the conversation with sincere reluctance.

Kay saw her only option out. She took it.

It’s difficult to label Lewis as a bully and to paint him as a villain simply because of his inquisitive and gentle approach. This is the guy who saves flys from cupboard stores, speaks in a worldly manner and rarely raises his voice.

Nevertheless, he ground down Kay until saw quitting as the only viable escape.

Anamelia Silva had the strength to stand up to Lewis’s howling whines, although she eventually fell. And it was Lewis G who took pleasure from deflecting his jabbing complaints. Kay rolled over into submission.

Who’s next? And how will they go?

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Liam Curtis
Liam Curtis

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