There are many things on ITV’s biggest dating show that aren’t acceptable.

From inappropriate language to nudity and more, Love Island makes it clear before contestants enter the villa what is and isn’t OK.

However, episode 12 of the 2019 show saw what some deem as ‘bullying’ behaviour and we can’t help but agree.

A healthy spat between Islanders is always welcome but what’s unfolding on series 5 is verging on uncomfortable to watch.

Love Island bosses shouldn’t be OK with Amy bullying Lucie, the poor girl’s getting it from all angles. Here’s everything you need to know…

Amy Hart ITV2 Love Island

Love Island: Is Amy bullying Lucie?

From what Twitter users have got to say on the subject, it could be said that Amy is bullying Lucie.

As a viewer, it looks as though some of the girls, but Amy especially, can’t stand Lucie.

The Cornwall gal, who surfs and models isn’t into all the drama. She admitted on Love Island that she normally has male friends rather than female.

Lucie’s also found a great friend in fellow athlete, Tommy Fury. Not only has that rubbed Amy up the wrong way but Lucie’s partner, Joe, expressed how fuming he was about their friendship in episode 12.

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Ex-Islanders weigh in on the Love Island 2019 drama

The whole bullying scandal has gained a lot of attention to the point where ex-Islanders are getting involved online.

Love Island series 3 contestant Gabby Allen took to Twitter to ask if anyone else found Amy’s behaviour “weird”.

Gabby wasn’t the only one to weigh in on the drama, 2018 Love Islander winner Dani Dyer and series 3 winner Amber Davies commented on how there’s no issue in Lucie having male friends and that Lucie needs to be left alone.

What has Lucie Donlan done wrong in series 5?

According to Amy, Lucie hasn’t made an effort to be friends with the Love Island girls.

When the boys were called out of the villa to enjoy a spa day the girls were left to mingle among themselves.

Amy immediately aired an issue to some of the girls that Lucie spent this crucial ‘bonding time’ working out in the gym area.

Episode 12 also saw Amy give Lucie an absolute death stare as Joe chose to pair up with his blonde beach babe.

Amy’s glance gained a lot of attention on the internet with Twitter users commenting that Amy must be jealous of Lucie.

We’d say that Lucie hasn’t done anything wrong while she’s been on Love Island, she’s just been herself and that hasn’t gone down well with the rest of the group.

Lucie’s independent of the girls and doesn’t want to get involved in their gossiping. She’s made a good male friend in Tommy and what’s so wrong with that?