Paloma Aguilar has walked out of the Big Brother 24 house. It comes after she revealed she hadn’t slept and was struggling with anxiety, before becoming the fourth ever contestant to make her own exit.

The BB24 reality show sees houseguests try to win over their fellow competitors through a series of games and eliminations, with the ultimate end prize being a huge lump sum of cash to spend on whatever they wish.

Paloma was one of the contestants hoping to get some cash, but she left just as the show was getting juicy. Host Julie Chen Moonves said after her exit: “An unexpected turn of events has now changed everything.”

Paloma Aguilar leaves Big Brother 24
Screenshot: Big Brother 24 – She Made That Up?, Big Brother YouTube

Why did Paloma leave Big Brother?

It was revealed Paloma left BB24 because of ‘personal matters’. She had said on the reality TV show she had been struggling with anxiety and no sleep “at all”, and was last seen after entering the diary room around 2pm on July 13.

In her final days in the house, she wasn’t seen on the hidden cameras and the live feeds were taken down. She cried while telling co-stars during the first week she gets “Instagram anxiety”.

Several fans had grown concerned about Paloma’s mental health before she self-evicted herself from the show. During Thursday night’s episode, she left before the show’s first live eviction, having recently suffered from insomnia.

BB24 fans hope Paloma is ok

Although Paloma’s time in the Big Brother house made for some controversy on social media, many are deeply concerned about the former houseguest. Many feel glad she left the show before her mental health worsened.

One fan wrote: “I strongly feel like Paloma was having a manic episode. This is not making the things she said right but she is human and I hope she gets the help she needs.”

Another said: “All you people who are happy about Paloma’s exit clearly don’t understand the struggle of mental health. What she did to Taylor was wrong, but this is no laughing matter!”

“Mental illness is scary. Sending prayers to Paloma! I’m sure it’s a lot being in the #bigbrother24 house,” said a viewer.

Her time on the CBS show

Paloma and co-star Taylor’s relationship was heavily spoken about within the first week of Big Brother 24. She told Taylor she doesn’t want anyone leaving the house to get bullied, and doesn’t want anyone to hate her.

She claimed to be a “girl’s girl” while starting a campaign to send Taylor home. Taylor was up for eviction but the event was put on hold after Paloma walked out. Talking about a trip she posted on Instagram, Paloma said:

It’s highlights, it’s not real life. One of my best friends lost her passport, am I putting that on Instagram? That was stressful. You just look at my trip and you look at a perfect trip. No, we were stressed out on that perfect trip.

As Paloma had spoken of Taylor behind her back and then offered to be her friend, many watching were confused about the former contestant’s actions. Paloma was often seen crying in the bathroom by herself.



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