Quizmaster 2019: Meet the cast of famous brainiacs - Eric Monkman, Pat Gibson, Kevin Ashman!

Not a day goes by without a quiz show appearing on the TV schedule. From University Challenge and Eggheads to The Chase and Mastermind, these competitive quizzes come in all different formats but we love them all the same.

And while each of them allows the contestants to flex their knowledge in that particular area of expertise, there now comes a show to crown the ultimate quizzer.

It’s practically the Olympics of brain games!

Cue Quizmaster, a special one-off quiz show on ITV this December which seeks to find the best quizzer from the telly. But just who are the brainiacs taking on this brand new challenge?

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Pictured: (l-r) Who Wants to be a Millionaire Winners David Edwards, John Robinson and Pat Gibson

Meet the Quizmaster cast

There are fifteen contestants taking on the Quizmaster challenge this Christmas 2019. And they all have a reputation for being some of the toughest quizzers to beat.

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Here’s the full cast list of the Quizmaster 2019 contestants:

  • Shaun Williamson 
  • Isabelle Heward
  • Pat Gibson
  • Kevin Ashman
  • Ailsa Watson
  • Eric Monkman
  • Bobby Seagull
  • Freddy Leo

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Pictured: (l-r) University Challengers Freddy Leo, Bobby Seagull and Eric Monkman
  • David Edwards
  • John Robinson
  • Gareth Kingston
  • Olav Bjortont
  • Terry Pret
  • Susan Price Williams
  • Diane Howe

More about the contestants

There are five groups of quizzers, with three contestants in each group. They all come from a different quiz show, although some have appeared on a variety.

The first group is comprised of Fifteen to One finalists. They are Gareth, Olav and Ailsa (who was the grand champion back in 2015).

Next we have previous winners of The Chase: Terry, Susan and Diane.

There are the famous University Challenge contestants Eric and Bobby – who have had their own spin-off show on the BBC. They are joined by Freddy Leo for Quizmaster.

Then we have the winners of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? which includes infamous Egghead Pat Gibson. Pat is joined by David and John on Quizmaster.

Completing the line-up are the winners of Mastermind: Isabelle, Kevin (also an Egghead) and Shaun.

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From Spungold Productions

Pictured: Quizmaster Studio

How to watch Quizmaster 2019

The Christmas special episode of Quizmaster will air on Sunday, December 29th at 6 pm on ITV.

After broadcast it will then be available to catch up with on the ITV Hub.

Hopefully if all is a success, they might make Quizmaster a permanent feature of ITV’s quiz show line-up, rather than just a one-off special.

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