Re-live Saturday Night Takeaway’s Bradley Walsh prank from 2005: Ant and Dec strike again!
Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec

Re-live Saturday Night Takeaway’s Bradley Walsh prank from 2005: Ant and Dec strike again!

Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly are back with Saturday Night Takeaway for series 16 in 2020.

On the ITV programme, fan-favourite duo Ant and Dec welcome celebrity guests and invite the audience to play games.

The presenters pranked The Chase‘s Bradley Walsh years ago and they’re set to do it again on Saturday, March 7th.

So let’s recap Ant and Dec’s first prank on Bradley and see what they’re planning for their second one!

Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec

Saturday Night Takeaway’s Bradley Walsh prank

In a 2005 episode of Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant and Dec pulled a funny stunt on Bradley Walsh.

Bradley was asked to take part in a game with the fictional plastic company TKWay Plastics and tell offensive jokes. He was told that someone called Dotty the Duck had died.

And then – Ant went undercover in a giant duck costume to mess further with Bradley! But the presenter was so angry about the prank that he immediately left the room after unmasking Ant.

You can re-live the funny moments from the prank from this Dailymotion video.

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Ant and Dec’s second prank

Now 15 years after the first prank, Ant and Dec are set to strike again!

In a short clip of Saturday Night Takeaway from last week, the two hosts teased that they will be fooling Bradley on The Chase this time.

Going behind-the-scenes, Ant and Dec will mess with Bradley’s programme and it looks like the whole team behind the game show is part of the funny stunt too.

One thing is clear, Bradley will be pretty pissed off again…

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What are viewers saying about Ant and Dec’s second prank?

As expected, viewers are buzzing to watch And and Dec pull another prank on Bradley Walsh.

“Omg the chase episode from hell looks amazing can’t wait for @antanddec to play another prank on Bradley Walsh,” one viewer reacted.





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