Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers has opened up about her journey with hormonal acne.

Her honesty has led to thousands of sufferers feeling inspired by the former TOWIE star’s skincare range.

Telling her follows that she used Instagram filters to try and hide it, she then revealed that she didn’t realise how many people suffered until she shared a picture of the acne.

So how did she combat it? Here, we show Sam’s journey from acne to clear skin – the star’s transformation!

Screenshot: Sam, Series 8 Episode 7, Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries, ITV

Sam before her skin transformation

The Mummy Diaries’ star started getting hormonal acne when she stopped breast-feeding her daughter Rosie.

When she spoke to a dermatologist, she was told it was really common to get adult acne.

She opened up to her mum on the show and said: “I was looking at pictures the other day and I was thinking, I’ve come such a long way with it.”

Sam continued:

I never really spoke about my acne before because I just was always covering it up with make-up, filters. The reason why I didn’t share those pictures before is because I would always use a filter on Instagram, and I used to use Facetune to smooth the skin. So then I’d be like well, what a fraud.”

The mum and business woman shared this Instagram post, which was taken 2 months ago.

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Sam Faiers now

Sam has launched her own skincare brand following her own experience with adult acne. She said that before that, she “tried everything” but that it got worse.

Her skin has now cleared up in 2 months, and she has had lots of supportive comments from friends and family.

One person commented: “Oh my goodness, you shouldn’t be nervous, you will be helping other people out there that are suffering with it.”

While another said: “I suffered from acne in late teens and have scarring. You are amazing and so beautiful, thank you for sharing.”

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Sam Faiers: Skincare range

Sam’s new skincare range Revive Collagen has been out since August.

Aimed to benefit skin, hair, nails and joints, the business claims that it will allow you to regain a youthful glow. It can either be taken daily on the go or at home.

The drink has 8,500mg of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen per serving, with Hyralunoic acid and Aloe Vera juice.

Already boasting over 54,000 followers on the business Instagram, it seems pretty popular!



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