Following a summer of romance thanks to Love Island and Celebs Go Dating, Singletown is ITV’s solution to the dating show drought in the TV schedule right now.

But expect the unexpected when it comes to this show, as Singletown flips the typical dating format on its head.

Rather than having their ten contestants fall in love, Singletown sees if they can fall out of it and fall back in love with the single life instead.

One of the most talked-about singletons of the series has to be Sophie Moran, who is currently in a love triangle with George and Mason. So, who is Sophie? We’ve got the lowdown on the Birmingham babe here!

Screenshot: Singletown S1 E1 – ITV Hub

Meet Sophie…

Sophie Moran is an 18-year-old from Birmingham – she’s the baby of the group!

After leaving school, Sophie’s intention is to become an army medic. But her two and a half year relationship with 21-year-old George Bird is getting in the way.

George is keen to settle down and is even thinking about marriage but for Sophie, that is off the cards. She said in the first episode (Monday, September 2nd): “I feel like I need you, I don’t want you sometimes.”

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Screenshot: Singletown S1 E1 – ITV Hub

George and Sophie

One of the things that was clear to viewers from the outset of Singletown was that Sophie was way too good for George.

The couple clearly had a lot of feelings for one another but George repeatedly gaslit Sophie throughout the series, meaning he didn’t have too many fans out there. And after season 5 of Love Island, viewers had definitely had enough of gaslighting and toxic male behaviour!

But most of the viewers were stumped on how the couple got together at the beginning. One even asked: “serious serious question, how the f*** did George pull Sophie in the first place????”

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George vs Mason

Sophie had her eye on 22-year-old pro boxer Mason “Smasher” Smith from the outset. Fans were rooting for this stunning couple to work too!

But things got complicated for Sophie and Mason, as episode 9 (Thursday, September 12th) saw Mason get himself in a love square.


At the meet and greet, Mason had kissed George’s date, Maureen.

So George has lost two girls to Mason now…

But keen to make it up to Sophie, Mason decided to take her to Barcelona! Seems like George would have to pull off something seriously spectacular to beat this guy and win back Sophie.

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Who does Sophie choose?

ITV tried their best to keep the results of Singletown underwraps, but from the looks of their Instagram profiles, we can work out whose relationships are still on the cards.

Before he seemingly deleted his Instagram, George was leaving flirty comments on Sophie’s pictures.

One day before his profile was gone, he even uploaded a snap of the couple in bed together. So, all the signs are pointing towards Sophie choosing George at the end of the show.

However, the grand finale revealed that Sophie leaves Singletown as a single lady!

Follow Sophie on Instagram

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest on Sophie then be sure to follow her on Instagram.

She already had a bit of an Insta following, but since appearing on Singletown, Sophie now has over 7000 followers.

Check out her profile @lil_soph2.




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