Loose Women star Stacey Solomon recently hit back at online trolls who offended her smile and teeth in a series of negative social media posts.

The ITV presenter revealed on her Instagram profile that she became a victim of mean trolling, but responded to the haters with her smile.

Online trolls haven’t stopped Stacey from sharing more pics on her social media accounts, showing her dazzling smile to each one of them.

So, why did Stacey opt for new veneers? Here are before and after pics of her teeth!

Stacey Solomon on Loose Women

Stacey Solomon’s teeth: Before and after

The ITV panelist was left with damaged teeth after her second pregnancy and was in an emergency need of new veneers.

In a story for The Sun, Stacey revealed that being pregnant with her son Leighton had left her “sensitive” teeth that had a “funny colour”. She wrote:

I endured problem after problem. My teeth turned a funny colour, I had to have some removed as they were so damaged and I was soon full of fillings.

Stacey’s teeth left her no choice but to go for new veneers. The ITV host’s dentist advised her to get Lumineers which are veneers placed on top of existing teeth.

Lumineers are normally one or two millimeters thick above your normal teeth and according to Healthline they are permanent – so there’s no turning back!

In the same article for The Sun, Stacey explained that no cosmetic products or extensive flossing can give you white teeth as hers – you have to go for veneers if you want a dazzling smile like hers.

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Stacey’s teeth before

Pictures of Stacey’s previous teeth show that her teeth weren’t as white and glowing as they are now.

The picture down below shows the ITV host at the age of 13 during a ski holiday.


One of Stacey’s early Instagram posts is the picture down below which we believe shows her teeth before her cosmetic operation.

They look slightly yellowish to her current white veneers so it’s very likely she snapped this picture before.

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Stacey talks her veneers

As much as Stacey needed a cosmetic procedure, she previously admitted that she would go back to her normal teeth if she could do.

The Loose Women star revealed that she wasn’t happy with her initial teeth and needed another procedure in order to close her mouth properly.

Plus, she has warned her followers on Instagram to think twice about getting veneers if they already have decent teeth.




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