Alan Titchmarsh has been transforming gardens and landscapes on Love Your Garden since 2011.

And in episode 8 (Monday, April 28th) of series 8, Alan and the rest of his team transformed a slightly different and more challenging environment.

Here is the moment Alan Titchmarsh and his team transformed zookeeper John Paul’s ‘private retreat’ at the zoo, leaving him and the other zookeepers stunned with the final result!

Love Your Garden – Blackpool Zoo transformed.

Who is John Paul?

John Paul ‘JP’ Houston is a 28-year-old zookeeper who lives in an old hangar at the zoo.

He completely devotes his life to animals and always puts their wellbeing above theirs.

So his friends and family thought it was time something was wonderful was done for JP!

They roped in Alan and the team to transform the patch of land outside of the hangar into a beautiful private space for JP and the other zookeepers.

JP’s home in the zoo’s old hangar.

What did Alan plan for the zoo?

The team designed the garden space with a trip around the world in mind.

Starting in Australasia and moving through Europe, Asia, Africa and ending up in South America, Alan and the team designed different spaces based on the fauna found in each continent.

If you want to know more about how to recreate the design, or about how to purchase some of the features such as the Africa Fire Globe, check out Alan’s blog post about the episode, here.

Plans for the garden.
The Africa Fire Globe by La Hacienda.

How did JP react to the renovation?

JP said the transformation of a dull patch of grass into beautiful space was “beyond [his] wildest dreams”.

He said in episode 8:

It’s going to make a world of difference. It’s incredible.

Check out the transformation pics below!


Love Your Garden S8 E8.


Love Your Garden S8 E8.

And JP’s friends were more than happy to see the space transformed into somewhere they can relax and chill at the Blackpool Zoo!

Blackpool zookeepers.


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