The Savoy's American Bar prices start from £13 to a whopping £5000 cocktail

The Savoy's American Bar prices start from £13 to a whopping £5000 cocktail

The Savoy‘s post-pandemic experience is being shared on ITV every Wednesday, but in true British form, we’re all curious about how expensive the London hotel’s American Bar drinks are. The menu has a £120 cocktail…

Heading to the city comes with the expectation that most drinks are pricey. However, The Savoy has a range of prices available when it comes to sipping on cocktails, from £20 to a hefty £1,000 for just one drink.

From Gordon Ramsay’s massive investment at the popular establishment’s restaurant to a guest requesting butterfly milk be served to her room, The Savoy butlers have truly seen it all. Let’s head to the bar instead.

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The Savoy: American Bar prices

Cocktail prices at The Savoy range from £20 to £5,000. You can get your hands on a Sun Sun Sun cocktail for the lower end of the price range, while a Sazerac cocktail hits the higher end of the cost point – with its 1950s Pernod Absinthe.

Of course, there are also non-alcoholic beverages available from £13, but the cost of a champagne bottle costs no less than £90 at the grand hotel. You can get a glass of white – specifically Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV – for £21!

Guests can buy a bottle of rum for £950 from The Savoy Collection or throw back a tequila for £13. For the whisky-lovers, it costs £12 to buy a Jamesons at the establishment, or at the top end, a £180 21-year Japan drink.

Their Hanky Panky cocktail costs £120

The London hotel’s Hanky Panky cocktail is one of its most popular, costing £120 for one drink. The vintage drink includes vintage gin, vintage vermouth and vintage fernet branca – there’s a lot of history involved!

Guests are also paying for the vibe and history of the establishment, as its American Bar is the oldest surviving cocktail bar in Britain. It opened in 1893 in the original riverside part of the hotel, and moved to its current spot in 1904.

The Hanky Panky was first made by Ada “Coley” Coleman in the early 1900s for actor Sir Charles Hawtrey. She began working at The Savoy in 1903, when it became one of her most famous creations!

Butler salaries at The Savoy

In London, a typical salary for a butler is £31,453, which is 30% less than the average yearly earnings in the area. So it is likely to be around this pay mark for butlers working at The Savoy.

Ex-actor Michael Peluso said providing a butler service has given him a “financial stability” that he has “never had before”. He added that it is what drives him, so the salary must be of a decent wage.

While the salary for a butler at The Savoy has not been fully disclosed, an expired job post to become a butler at the hotel states that the salary is “to be discussed”.

Butlers at The Savoy are expected to go above and beyond for their guests, more so than a typical butler. Amongst the staff are ten butlers who serve the 67 suites. Requirements to work there includes having culinary training beforehand.



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