The way Mike wears shoes on Love Island - you can’t unsee it!

The way Mike wears shoes on Love Island - you can’t unsee it!

Love Island has been a scorcher so far this series, with one contestant leaving just three days after entering the villa and the surprise entrance of identical twins.

After twins Jess and Eve Gale came into the villa they were both given the choice of which boy they’d like to steal. Jess chose Mike and Eve went for Callum, leaving Leanne a singleton and Shaughna coupled up with Callum.

The boys both went on dates with the twins which seemed to be going well, until the next day. Mike asked to speak to Jess and here’s what happened…

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Screenshot from ITV2

What did Mike say to Jess?

In his conversation with Jess, Mike was honest about his feelings for Leanne. Leaving a sour taste in Jess’s mouth, who advised she felt mugged off as she’s “really interested” in getting to know Mike.

Jess then went on to advise that if she knew about his strong preference for Leanne, she wouldn’t have picked him.

After the end of an awkward conversation between the two, Jess excused herself to get out of the sun.

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Screenshot from ITV2

More importantly, why on earth is Mike wearing his shoes like that?

Mike who was clearly desperate to tell Leanne his feelings, didn’t bother to put his shoes on properly.

Walking around the villa with his trainers trod in at the back as if they were sandals or slippers.

Viewers felt distracted by the situation on Mike’s feet and found it hard to focus on anything else. This isn’t the first time this season where Mike has had his footwear questioned.

Is Mike back on track with Leanne?

As Leanne headed to bed, viewers saw her get in the bed next to Mike who was sleeping in the ‘dog house’.

Therefore, we think it’s safe to assume Mike and Leanne are back on track.




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