The Only Way is Essex is onto its 25th series in 2019. The ITV show has been running for a whopping nine years!

One cast member who stormed onto the scene in 2017 was blonde bombshell Amber Turner. Dan Edgar’s on-off girlfriend has been on the show for five series now and she’s brought a whole lot of drama with her.

It looks like Amber Turner has met her match on TOWIE series 25 in the form of newbie Olivia Attwood.

Episode 10 of the show saw the two come face to face. So, what’s going down between Amber Turner and Olivia Attwood?
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The Only Way Is Essex: SR25: Ep10 on ITVBe
Pictured: Amber talks to Olivia.

Amber and Olivia: What happened on Twitter?

In the week leading up to episode 10 of TOWIE, in true reality TV style, Amber and Olivia had a Twitter bust-up.

The beef looked to be over comments Amber made to a newspaper about Olivia.

An article was published on October 17th by The Sun which saw Amber comment: “I feel like she has an issue with someone new every week.”

The Tweets have now been deleted.

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From Lime Pictures
The Only Way Is Essex: SR25: Ep10 on ITVBe
Amber Turner Olivia Attwood TOWIE

Did Amber and Olivia have an issue before?

Previous to the newspaper article coming out and the Twitter comments appearing, it didn’t seem that Liv and Amber had an issue with one another.

But, it’s clear to anyone watching TOWIE that Liv and Amber are probably not ever going to be best friends.

Amber Turner and Olivia Attwood: Face-off

Amber and Olivia came face to face on episode 10 of TOWIE series 25.

Things looked frosty between the pair as Liv said: “I think we shoud hash it out.”

Amber defended her comments quoted in The Sun article and said: “We’re in Essex, everyone has opinions. I felt like every week there’s someone new”

Olivia replied to Amber:

Of all people, I’m not going to take life advice from you. The only people you get on with is your little group, I get on with everyone.



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