As Harry led his then-girlfriend Frankie through a treasure hunt on their anniversary, TOWIE viewers started to wonder how old he is.

The TOWIE star has been part of The Only Way is Essex cast since March 2019. Since he joined, Harry first got into a relationship with co-star Chloe Brockett when she was 18, before coupling up with Frankie Sims.

Harry revealed on the latest episode (Wednesday October 21st) that he’s really emotional, and wanted Frankie to do the same. As his maturity levels seem pretty high, we found out Harry’s real age!

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Meet Harry Lee

Harry is a professional football player from Hackney, who is now a TOWIE cast member. He has been a midfielder for Concord Rangers, a football team in Canvey Island, Essex, since 2011.

He signed a permanent deal with Welling in 2016, and a year later, joined the National League’s Chelmsford City until 2018.

Harry was allegedly a former recruitment consultant, however it’s thought that he left the job when he joined The Only Way is Essex.

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How old is Harry Lee?

  • 25

Harry joined TOWIE when he was 24 in March 2019, and began to date then 18-year-old Chloe Brockett.

A year later, and he claims he’s “very emotional”, which led fans to question how old he is compared to his maturity.

When he first appeared on TOWIE, he was the oldest compared to those that he joined the cast with.

This included Ellie Wise, 18, Joey Turner, 17, Kelsey Stratford, 18, Tom McDonnell, 23, and Jayden Beales, 20 (their ages when joining).

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Harry on TOWIE

He first started dating Chloe Brockett, but he reportedly revealed that his relationship with her was “fake”.

Harry then asked cast member Chloe Ross out on a date, before he eventually went out with Frankie Sims in September 2019.

Although recent reports have alleged that Frankie and Harry are no longer together now, during the recent episode (Wednesday October 22nd), he said he wants her to be more in touch with her emotions.

He was then seen leading Frankie, 25, on a treasure hunt, and shared love notes with her for their 1-year anniversary.



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