Bobby Norris revealed that he only gets one day off a week on the latest TOWIE episode, when he speaks to his former boyfriend Matt about how he would always be busy with work when they lived together.

Viewers have watched the TOWIE star go through relationships, dramas and life changes during his time on the ITVBe show.

And since he told fans that him and Matt are no longer together, it has led to them wondering what he does during his busy schedule. So what is Bobby Norris’ job? We done some digging to find out!

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What is Bobby Norris’ job?

The TOWIE star presents himself as a presenter, TV personality and campaigner in his Instagram bio.

Bobby runs his own podcast called Get Gobby with Bobby, which features live interviews with well-known celebrities such as Eamonn Holmes, as well as his TOWIE co-stars. Aside from this, he hosts FUBAR Radio alongside Stephen Leng as part of its Access All Areas show.

He has also been running an ongoing campaign since 2019 about online trolls who have slated him for being gay, and launched a petition to make homophobia a criminal offence – which he spoke in Parliament about.

So it looks like he is pretty busy with work – no wonder he only gets one day off a week, as he is running several projects at once.

What did Bobby do before TOWIE?

The 34-year-old joined the TOWIE cast in 2012, when he was working as a hairdresser. He became a main part of the ITVBe show in season 4.

His projects since then include launching his own fashion line in 2014 called The Sirius Collection, which offers unisex t-shirts.

Bobby has also gone on to star in several shows, such as Celebs Go Dating, Celebrity Ghost Hunt and Celebs on the Farm. His net worth is now reportedly over £31,000.

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Bobby speaks out against online trolling

The TOWIE star has launched an Instagram called @endthetrendtotroll which has gained over 36,000 followers.

It comes after he received death threats and people allegedly wishing cancer on him due to his sexuality.

On TOWIE, Bobby revealed that he is currently writing a book for children about online trolls.

In the Instagram bio for the page, it states: “Online trolling is on the increase and seems to have become a “trend”.. It is now time for that “trend” to END.”



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