Twitter was left not only in hysterics but fiercely arguing over a claim that was made in Big Brother.

The two Lewises, Lewis Flanagan and Lewis Gregory, couldn’t agree about whether eggs were dairy.

Lewis F proudly declares himself as a flexitarian, and swans around the Big Brother house as if he is the world’s greatest vegan. Bricklayer Lewis G, on the other hand, is your all-day breakfast sort of guy.

Having unintentionally mixed egg white into the breakfast, Lewis F called out Lewis G saying that he couldn’t eat it because “it had dairy in it”.

Lewis G disagreed, saying there is no dairy in eggs. Who is right?

Twitter Reacts

Before we go onto the important answer of whether eggs are dairy, it’s even more important to note that there were cases made for both Lewis F and G on Twitter.


While the proportions were by no means equal, there were people who were adamant that eggs were dairy and those who denied the claims.

Team No Dairy in Eggs

There was general confusion among these guys, although keywords such as protein, cow and milk helped to strengthen their argument.

Team Eggs Are Dairy

These guys simply felt lost and confused by the statement about dairy being in eggs.

They believed that Lewis F was an intelligent bloke and wouldn’t make such a blunder, while also questioning their own general knowledge and retreating back to Google for help.

Are Eggs Dairy?

Basically, eggs are 100% not dairy. Lewis F is an absolute fool and we can’t even begin to imagine what his flexitarian diet may consist of.

The definition of dairy includes foods that are produced from the milk of mammals, such as cows and goats. This then passes onto products such as cheese, butter and yoghurt, which use milk as an ingredient.

Eggs are eggs. The best case for a defence that we can mount for Lewis F is that he was thinking of an omelette… which used milk.


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