As the 10-year anniversary of TOWIE came to the surface, so did cast member Chloe Sims’ history of allegedly being a Playboy Bunny.

The ITV star revealed she gave up her time as a playboy bunny before appearing on The Only Way is Essex, in the October 11th episode. She looked back on her former career before she made her mark on the reality soap.

So was Chloe Sims actually a Playboy Bunny? We had a look at her former career before TOWIE became her life!
The Only Way Is Essex: SR25 on ITVBe. Pictured: Chloe Sims.
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Was Chloe Sims a Playboy Bunny?

  • It is alleged that the TOWIE star was not a Playboy Bunny

Reports dating back to 2011 suggest that Chloe lied about being a Playboy Bunny.

However, Chloe has been labelled by ITV with the ‘Playboy Bunny’ role, while several pictures also insinuate she did fulfil the role – they show the TOWIE cast member dressed up as a bunny in front of a Playboy background!

On last night’s episode, Chloe spoke to her family and said:

How mad is it that I hung my bunny years up ten years ago and stayed in Essex?

It is unlikely that the reality star would be lying to her family about her former career. But according to Digital Spy, Chloe uses the title to charge £1,200 to appear at clubs and events, as previously reported by The Sun’s sister paper News of the World.

A spokeswoman for Playboy told Digital Spy: “Chloe who? She has no Playboy affiliation. We have no record of her ever posing for the magazine or website, including our international editions, or of her ever working as a Playboy Bunny.

To be honest she isn’t our usual type of girl anyway. We would be very unlikely to use someone who looked like her – she’s had a lot of work done.

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Chloe Sims responds to Playboy Bunny scandal

Chloe was quick to respond to rumours that she had lied about being a bunny.

She took to Twitter to share pictures of her time before TOWIE, after the episode the night before revealed that she had been “travelling for like the past year with Playboy France”.

It was a comment she had made in 2011, when she joined the show. She wrote on Twitter, addressing The Sun: “Your journo at the time contacted Playboy USA knowing full well I worked for the French franchise.”

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Fans discuss Chloe Sims’ alleged former career

Viewers began to react to the revelation that Chloe was a Playboy Bunny…

One fan said: “Chloe Sims wasn’t a playboy star. I guess 10 years later ITV are lying to a whole new generation of viewers. #TOWIE.”

Another wrote: @Chloe_Sims hung up your bunny ears? Please, Playboy don’t know who you are. #Towie.”

However some backed up the TOWIE star, stating that she did work for Playboy.

One viewer said: “She was a playboy model and an owner of HER OWN business… I highly doubt she cares about all the body shamers!”

Another added: “@Chloe_Sims I remember you from when you was a playboy bunny, long while ago now.”



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