On Saturday, November 2nd, ITV aired a documentary charting one girls horse-riding ambitions.

Riding a Dream followed London jockey-in-training Khadijah Mellah on her pursuit of competing at Goodwood for the Magnolia Cup. Khadijah stunned the horse-riding world as she went from amateur to major competition winner in the space of just four months.

So, who is Khadijah?

Here’s everything you need to know about the young rider from Riding a Dream, including more of what we learned about her on Instagram!

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Saturday 2nd November 2019
Pictured: Khadijah Mellah after winning The Magnolia Cup The Goodwood Ladies Race with Haverland
Goodwood 1.8.19

Who is Khadijah?

Khadijah Mellah is an 18-year-old horse rider from Peckham, London.

She competed in the Goodwood Ladies Race for the Magnolia Cup in 2019 and became the first jockey to ever race in Britain wearing a hijab.

In April 2019, Khadijah decided she wanted to compete in the Magnolia Cup and just four short months later, she was! She trained at the Ebony Horse Club.

Khadijah went from never having even sat on a race horse to winning the cup, in what was her first ever race, against well-known figures such as Victoria Pendleton and Vogue Williams.

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Khadijah on social media

Khadijah Mellah has had her Instagram account since June 2017.

However, she did not post much about her life until she started preparing for Goodwood. From May 2019 onwards, Khadijah started to share her journey to the horse race.

She now has over 4,600 followers and counting since her appearance on the ITV documentary.


You can follow Khadijah @khadijah_mellah.

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More about her on Instagram

From Khadijah’s Instagram, we found out that she is of Kenyan and Algerian heritage.

It also shows that she’s now a student at Brighton University.

One of the most exciting things to come from winning Goodwood, besides the documentary and the success off the back of winning, was that Khadijah met the queen! She shared the snap of her meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on October 19th, 2019.

Khadijah has also met the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the Duchess of Cornwall.




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