ITV’s new dating show Singletown kicked off from Monday, September 2nd 2019.

With a whole array of dating shows on offer these days, from First Dates Hotel to Naked Attraction, it’s hard to maintain interest in the same show premise.

However, Singletown swoops onto our screens offering something a bit different – a bunch of couples split up for the summer, see each other date new people and then decide if they want to get back together.

For some, the experience was gut-wrenching, watching who they thought was the love of their life getting it on with a stranger, while others lapped up the opportunity of freedom.

Meg Singletown

Screenshot: Meg Singletown finale – ITV

Singletown: Meet Meg and Nat

Nineteen-year-old Meg and twenty-four-year-old Nat were latecomers to the 2019 show.

Things looked hopeful for Singletown exes Meg and Nat with Meg describing her boyfriend as “loud, confident and a bit cocky”.


The pair described themselves as the best of friends that could be silly and mess around with each other. But the ITV show didn’t seem to show that side of their relationship.

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Screenshot: Singletown finale – ITV

Is Meg on Instagram?

Yes! Meg has two accounts on Instagram. Her personal page can be found under the handle @meg_brodrick where she has over 5,500 followers.

Megan also has a beauty page on Instagram where she offers nail and eyelash extensions from her West Midlands based business (@mbrobeauty).

Meg’s beauty page has around 100 followers so far with her first posted dated July 2019 so it looks like she’s fresh onto the beauty business scene.
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Singletown: What happened between Meg and Nat?

Meg and Nat were definitely exes for a reason going into Singletown.

In Nat’s words, Meg was “chatting to someone behind his back” for the duration of their relationship and according to Nat, the messages were “innapropriate”

After the pair broke up, it took Nat less than 24 hours to sleep with someone else which probably didn’t help things when they want to rekindle their romance.

Nat kissed two girls during the Singletown experience while Meg said “I’ve owned up to my mistakes and I’ve learnt from them. I wish I could see a positive change from you, but instead, you’ve just been on some destructive path. The Nat that I saw in the clips is not the Nat that I know”.

The pair left the show single and viewers of the show took to Twitter to show their support for Megan during the series finale. One Twitter user wrote: “Well done Meg for making that tough choice!”.

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Screenshot: Singletown finale – ITV




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