One of the best things about Love Island is the fact you get to see the Islanders the whole day round.

Tommy Fury’s ‘just woken up’ face? – yes, please. Actually, Tommy Fury doing anything is fine by us.

And while viewers have been spying on everything from Molly Mae’s earrings to what Amy’s wearing to bed, they’ve now noticed something odd about the Islanders’ toothbrushes.

So, what’s going on with the Love Island 2019 toothbrushes? Why are they black?
Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 toothbrushes – ITV

Why are the Love Island 2019 toothbrushes black?

We’d take a guess and say that the Love Island 2019 toothbrushes are black due to the fact that the show can’t do any kind of unplanned brand advertising on national TV.

The toothbrushes are probably blacked out for this reason, so who knows if they’ve gone for an Oral B or a Philips Sonicare!

We’d also assume that the Islanders have had the toothbrushes provided on arrival to the villa with the choice of electric or manual theirs to make.
Screen Shot: Love Island s5 e5 toothbrushes – ITV

‘Toothgate’ on Love Island 2019

Twitter has been having a blast since Love Island series 5 started in June 2019.

From comparing Anton to Robbie Rotten and Sherif’s feet to that of a camel, Twitter users have really gone to town.

Something else viewers have picked up on is the way that the Islanders are brushing their teeth.

Teeth-cleaning professionals to electric toothbrush connoisseurs have spouted off about how the Islanders aren’t using the electric toothbrushes properly.

Does every Islander have an electric toothbrush?

Another query of Twitter’s was the fact that some of the Islanders don’t use electric toothbrushes.

Apparently, there’s too much ‘manual cleaning’ going on for people ‘who care about their teeth’.

Whatever happens, they’ll probably all be able to afford a trip to the hygienist after the show if needs be!


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