Since ITV’s The Only Way is Essex began airing again, the 26th series has heavily focused on an argument between cast members Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims.

The pair have been known for their strong friendship throughout the show, but it was revealed that in January that Pete and Chloe had a fall out, which led to them not speaking for months.

An episode of TOWIE saw the pair bump into each other and patch things up. So what happened between Pete and Chloe? We explored all the possible reasons behind why they didn’t speak properly for months!

Chloe Sims
Screenshot: Chloe Sims in TOWIE, Series 26 Episode 3, ITV

Pete and Chloe on TOWIE

The pair have been the best of friends for many years, which has been heavily featured on the show. However in last night’s episode, they saw each other for the first time since January – while Pete was on a dog walk – and spoke about their fall out.

Chloe told Pete that she felt like he was dismissing how she felt. She said:

I feel like you was dismissing how I felt a lot, I’ve confided in you, I’ve told you all my secrets. I know I can be clingy and I can be jealous but that is who I am, so if you don’t like them things, then we can’t be friends.

Pete then apologised to Chloe and said he wanted them to go back to being friends. He responded: “I get that you would have been scared but I needed you as well.”

Fans question why the TOWIE friends fell out

Although they have publicly made up as friends, they never fully explained exactly what caused the argument until recently. So confused viewers took to social media, with many of them wishing for them to be together romantically.

Some fans took Pete’s side, with one saying: “The trouble is that Chloe Sims makes it all about her and expects Pete to put up with her. There is nothing wrong with him having his own boundaries to protect himself.”

What caused the argument between Pete and Chloe?

Chloe explained earlier in the series that she felt like Pete wasn’t there for her at times, so the TOWIE star said she “couldn’t have him” in her life back in January. From then, they didn’t speak for months until recently.

It was revealed in a later episode that they had “blurred the lines” and been friends with benefits for two years. In a relationship counselling session, she said she felt like when Pete wanted her when he couldn’t have her, but that when she wanted him, it seemed like he didn’t want it.

Chloe had previously told co-star Georgia Kousoulou:

I’ve worked hard for six months mentally to change how I feel towards him, trying to push all the feelings down and not have nice feelings towards him.

When Chloe and Pete spoke for the first time, she brought up that she had sent him an essay telling him how she felt and that she didn’t want to hear from him again, to which he didn’t respond. He apologised to her.

But in an earlier Instagram post, Chloe said Pete’s “heart is perfect”, which was posted almost one year ago.

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HE CANT SING AT ALL… but his heart is perfect 🖤

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