After four seasons, The Durrells are finally heading back to England.

The hit ITV series has delighted audiences over the past three years and reached its conclusion in the final episode last night (Sunday, May 12th).

But fans of the show were left wondering, considering the show is based on Gerard Durrell’s autobiography, what happened to the real-life family after they left Corfu.

Here is everything you need to know about the Durrells’ departure from the Greek island and their return to war-torn England…

The Durrells S4 E6.

The Durrells: Series 4 finale

After four series of sun-soaked fun and family – and animal – drama, the show finally reached its conclusion.

Upon the rumbling threat of World War Two, the family had to pack up their life in Corfu and head home to England.

Although they didn’t show the return to old Blighty, as the programme is based on Gerald’s autobiographical account of the period, we know what happened next!

So, what happened to the Durrells after Corfu?

The last scene saw them discussing the need to catch the last boat home before the borders closed. After five years of living in Greek paradise, the family had to say a bittersweet farewell to the place they knew as home.

This departure didn’t sit well with all of the family in the show, as Leslie grunted: “we’re about to swap paradise for Bournemouth”.

But this move was made to protect the family, as by 1939 Corfu was soon to be targeted by Mussolini’s forces and then the Nazis.

Did any of the Durrells stay in Corfu?

We know Larry is set to stay on living in Corfu and in the show they imply Larry will become a spy.

Although it was never confirmed whether Larry was a spy or not, he moved to Egypt during the Second World War to become a ‘publicist’ for the British embassy… sounds pretty suspicious if you ask us!

Margaret ‘Margo’ Durrell also decided to stay on the island, which is not featured in the season finale.

But she does not end up with Zoltan as the show leads us to believe, as she married RAF pilot Jack Breeze in 1939 who had been stationed on Corfu.

What happened after?

The Durrells who returned to Bournemouth continued life as usual and luckily none were seriously impacted by the war.

Gerald continued his home-schooling and his love for animals. He became a famous naturalist and zookeeper, subsequently founding the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and wildlife park on the island of Jersey in 1959.

Margo moved to South Africa in 1940 and then to Bournemouth after she divorced Jack. She opened a boarding house opposite her mother’s home.

Gerald Durrell, December 1976.


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