Frankie Bridge is the last woman standing in the I’m A Celebrity castle, and her strength is admired by many. Viewers are now interested in her heritage and family background…

The ex-S Club Juniors singer has answered food-based questions while being spun around in soggy curry, sang karaoke (which she jokingly said ended her career), and built a bond with her fellow campmates.

We already know about her sons and husband Wayne Bridge, who starred on the gruelling show several years ago. Now, fans are eager to find out about where she grew up and who her parents are.

Introducing your 2021 Celebrity Campmates! | I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Introducing your 2021 Celebrity Campmates! | I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Frankie Bridge’s heritage explored

Frankie was born in Upminster, London, on January 14th 1989. According to the I’m A Celebrity star, her parents are very “sporty” and she would hate Sundays due to them making her do sport.

So instead, she began taking dance lessons from the age of three at her local community centre.

With a British nationality, some fans think the singer could be Italian or Asian.

However, she is of White European ethnicity and has not spoken out about any other heritage. She once got a tattoo in 2010 which paid tribute to her late grandmother, which reads: “Sunshine and showers.”

I’m A Celebrity: Who are Frankie’s parents?

Frankie’s parents are Vivien, 63, and Kevin Sandford. Her father, around 64 years old, is a London taxi driver.

She introduced her now-husband Wayne Bridge to them during a dinner in 2011, as reported by The Mail.

They sat down for a meal at Hakkasan restaurant in Central London.

Her parents first got married to have kids, and bought their house in Essex 37 years ago, straight after the wedding.

They had Frankie’s older sister Tor [Victoria] within a year. Then when Vivien got pregnant again, 3 and a half years later, Kevin wanted a boy. He told The Times: “In hindsight I’m much happier we had Frankie.”

Her father often had to look after Frankie and her sister on his own, as her mum Vivien works as a conference organiser and travels with her job.

Speaking about Frankie, he added:

From a young age she was dancing and acting and showed a real obsession with performing, but I had no idea she could sing until I went along to a school production and she belted out a song.  Her mum and I were in absolute shock that our daughter of eight could hold a note.

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Inside the singer’s childhood

Frankie left school aged 12, before becoming one of the final eight in S Club Juniors. This happened after she started going to West End auditions, usually making it to the final three

Her dad Kevin told The Times:

Her school reports were good, but the teachers did say she had a real problem concentrating. I think her mind was always on singing.

Frankie spoke of her childhood alongside sister Tor:

My mum would work during the day and Dad would take his cab out at night, so he’d look after us until my mum got home. He taught me how to swim, how to ski, how to take criticism.

When S Club Juniors ended, it wasn’t long before she made it into The Saturdays! She revealed on I’m A Celebrity that she felt like she had hit her peak before then, having already been in a group, until she got a call to join the girl band.

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