Reality series Big Brother first aired season 23 on July 7th 2021, and it is now getting well underway – with competitions like Coin of Destiny.

This year, a member of the Big Brother 23 house has the opportunity to win the ‘Head of House’ title (HOH).

The chance of becoming HOH comes with it the safety of that individual gaining immunity from eviction, and other perks, like a private bedroom.

However, this season’s wildcard competitions also brings the ‘Coin of Destiny’, which will shake up the structure of the household.

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

Big Brother 23 Promo | Featuring the NEW Houseguests

What are the houseguests playing for?

Season 23’s 16 houseguests have been playing each week in the wildcard competition. At the beginning of the series, the contestants were split into four teams; Jokers, Aces, Kings and Queens where each week one member of each team is nominated to play for immunity.

In week six of the season, the High Roller’s room was opened and has since allowed America to decide the fate of the houseguests by supplying their favourite contestants with BB Bucks.

In episode 18 of the series, the Coin of Destiny was introduced to create an even larger twist to the series where BB Bucks can be used to gain more power than ever…

What is the Coin of Destiny?

The Coin of Destiny is purchased using the BB Bucks given to houseguests by fans voting. Just as there are other prizes to be bought in the High Roller’s room through games including Veto Derby and Chopping Block Roulette, the Coin of Destiny comes at the biggest cost but with the most power to be won.

The game, which costs $250 of BB Bucks, consists of flipping a coin. The consequences of this coin flip could result in the houseguest participating, and becoming the HOH if guessing the correct side the coin will land on.

On Thursday night’s episode which aired on 19th August, Derek X told Sarah Beth that he would play Chopping Block Roulette but would prefer to save his money for Coin of Destiny.

The game – which comes with its risk – could cause some tension as the series continues and the stakes become higher.

This is especially with houseguests edging closer to winning the $750,000 prize money – $250,000 more than the winner of the show has ever walked away with before.

Fans react to Big Brother: ‘Coin of Destiny’

Social media shows that Big Brother viewers are placing their bets on next episode’s ‘Coin of Destiny’ challenge.

A viewer said: “Scott he is going to start to carry the season! The casuals love him and his quips! The future of Big Brother will be his!

“If he can get the Coin of Destiny it’s checkmate!.”

Another wrote: “Big Brother is trying to make BigD look good so that he gets enough money to play the coin flip next week.

“They know DX is going out this week and they need someone to play coin flip. They want voters to give Derek another $100. #BB23.”

“I guess with DX gone they need someone to have enough money for the coin or else the Twist is a flop”, said a fan.



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