Love Island is pretty well known for creating some of the best slang – whether it makes sense at first or not!

The 2019 season is proving to be no different from those that came before with Islanders hailing from all over the UK bringing their linguistic quirks with them.

It’s all going off on Love Island series 5 and with all that drama comes a whole lot of new slang and phrases.

Here’s everything you need to know about “laying it on Factor 50″…
Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Tommy talking to Amber.

Where did the term ‘Factor 50’ come from?

The phrase “laying it on Factor 50” has been created among the series 5 Love Island cast.

Previous series of the show have seen Islanders coming out with ‘doing bits’, ‘staying loyal’ and ‘getting pied’.

With many viewers never hearing the term before – aside from when trying to avoid sunburn – they’ve taken to Twitter to express their confusion.

Love Island: Factor 50 meaning

The term ‘Factor 50’ is basically used when an Islander goes in too hard expressing themselves.

Anton Danyluk could be accused of going ‘in Factor 50’ when he told Anna Vakili that he found her attractive.

It pretty much means just laying it on too thick in terms of your inner feelings or when complimenting someone.

This is because Factor 50 sun lotion is pretty thick in consistency – and they’re on holiday and all that, you know?
Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Michael challenge.

Love Island slang 2019

Other than the whole Factor 50 thing, the 2019 Love Islanders have chucked a few other new phrases into the mix.

Thanks to Lucie ‘bev’ is almost becoming an actual term. She said that ‘bev’ is used to describe someone good-looking or ‘fit’.

Tommy brought some ‘vocab’ to the table during a chat with Molly Mae in series 5. The pair decided on using the word ‘chive’ to describe when they’re feeling irritated.

We’re not sure if getting totally ‘chived off’ is going to catch on, but it’s worth a shot Tommy!


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