Where is Piers Morgan today? Has Good Morning Britain presenter left from coronavirus fears?

As production across film and television studios across the country close down, breakfast shows and the news are holding on as the last semblance of life we used to know.

Every morning, the likes of Piers Morgan, Holly Willoughby and Lorraine Kelly have all descended upon their respective ITV sets to carry on business as usual, that is, two metres apart.

But on this morning’s Good Morning Britain (Thursday, April 2nd), Piers Morgan was nowhere to be seen.

So, where is Piers Morgan today? Has the GMB host left because of coronavirus?

Screenshot: Good Morning Britain 01/04/2020 – ITV

Where is Piers Morgan today?

Unconfirmed as of yet.

Piers, nor the Good Morning Britain team, have taken to Twitter to explain his absence. But that hasn’t stopped many viewers hypothesising his reasons for missing the show.

There are not always the same presenters every morning on GMB, so it could just be that Piers was having a day off. The presenting team rotates on a schedule. It was Ben Shephard who joined Susanna in the studio today.

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Piers Morgan and coronavirus fears

Piers Morgan, 55, is one of the most vocal presenters on the telly, and it’s no surprise he’s been making his concerns about the coronavirus pandemic – and about the government’s handling of the pandemic – very public.

Yesterday (Tuesday, April 1st), the pandemic hit closer to Piers, as he announced his 19-year-old son, Albert, has mild symptoms. Albert has lost his sense of taste and smell.

Although Piers has not seen Albert since the imposed government lockdown, that hasn’t stopped viewers speculating Piers might have coronavirus. Particularly as in GMB episodes over the past week, Piers has coughed on air, worrying fans.

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