Where is Supermarket Sweep filmed? What else is new about the 2019 reboot?

Where is Supermarket Sweep filmed? What else is new about the 2019 reboot?

Supermarket Sweep is back!

The 2019 reboot of the iconic series landed on ITV2 on Monday, September 9th and already fans are impressed with how ITV has managed to translate the show from its classic status to contemporary game show gold.

Star of 2012’s X-Factor and now bonafide telly presenter, Rylan Clark-Neal, will lead the show. He will be replacing the show’s original host Dale Winton as the ‘supermarket manager.’

But what else has changed about Supermarket Sweep in the 2019 reboot?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new season of Supermarket Sweep, from where the new series is filmed to what else is new.

Screenshot: Rylan Clark Supermarket Sweep – ITV2

Supermarket Sweep returns

Supermarket Sweep was an American game show that gained popularity throughout the ’90s although it initially aired three decades earlier.

The first English spinoff of the series hit ITV in 1993 and ran for six years with host Dale Winton.

Beloved TV host Dale Winton passed away in April 2018 for unexplained reasons and so would not be returning to the show. Leaving very big shoes to fill!

TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal will be the ‘supermarket manager’ of the 2019 series. There will also be a few modern touches to update the show to reflect current consumer shopping habits.

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Where is the new series filmed?

The original series was filmed in the East Midlands Television Centre from 1993 to 1999.

When they tried to reboot the show in 2007 they filmed it in The Maidstone Studios in Kent. The 2019 reboot is also filmed The Maidstone Studios.

This filming location is home to many popular game shows such as Take Me Out and Catchphrase, but also used as a music venue for Jools Holland’s shows Later… with Jools Holland and Hootenanny.

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What is new about the reboot?

Shopping habits have been the target of many changes over the past decade.

From the plastic bag charge to the increase in bags for life sales, to the removal of plastic from some stores entirely, its a very different world to the one of the 90s Supermarket Sweep.

And so this year’s reboot will reflect those changes and there will be some more modern references and touches to the new show. Bags for Life will replace the plastic bags they used to use and the Inflatables have been reinvented for the social media generation.

And it seems that the fans love how they’ve managed to strike a balance between old and new.

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