The TV world has been rocked by the cancellation of one of the most longstanding controversial shows on daytime telly, The Jeremy Kyle Show

After the death of a guest participant, the ITV bosses have announced that the show is permanently cancelled.

But what actually happened with the death and who was the participant?

Read on for more information about the shocking events which have seen the show axed from our screens.

The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Who died on The Jeremy Kyle Show?

Tragically Steve Dymond, a 63-year-old living in Portsmouth, took his own life after his appearance on the show.

After Steve failed a lie detector test on air, which proved his infidelity to finacée Jane Callaghan, the couple parted ways.

But in a heartbreaking interview with The Sun, Jane explains that he had started being treated for depression in February 2019 and Steve had to obtain a medical letter to prove he was fit enough to appear on the show.

A spokesperson for ITV said, “Our thoughts are with their family and friends”.

What do we know about the death?

Nothing can be confirmed until the investigation and coroner’s report is carried out. However, we are led to believe Steve’s death to be from a morphine overdose.

Steve’s landlady spoke to The Daily Mail about the aftermath of his appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

She described Steve as “sobbing and distraught” and that “he was traumatised” after his return from filming. She also claims that “it was the show that tipped him over the edge”.

The investigation will explore the conduct of the show and presumably look into the cause and effect of the death and what role the show played.

When did the episode air?

The episode was reportedly filmed on Thursday, May 2nd.

ITV execs have said they will not air the episode in which Steve was featured. But not only that, they will not air any episodes until a proper investigation has been carried out.

They have recognised “the seriousness of this event” and in turn, have pulled all episodes from broadcast and from the ITV Hub.

Instead, they will broadcast other shows during The Jeremy Kyle Show’s usual morning slots. On Monday, May 13th at 9.25 am, Dickinson’s Real Deal replaced the show.

Screenshot: ITV Hub

Outrage on Twitter

The death of the guest has not come without outrage.

People have taken to Twitter to express their condemnation of ITV for having allowed The Jeremy Kyle Show to run for so many years, with some calling it ‘poverty porn’ and pointing out how it exploits vulnerable people for entertainment purposes.

Others were quick to point out the hypocrisy that ITV has not yet pulled Love Island, despite the death of two former contestants, Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis.

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