Who is Alice Evans? The Savoy's 'VIP' guest shocks fans with butterfly milk request!

Who is Alice Evans? The Savoy's 'VIP' guest shocks fans with butterfly milk request!

When spending £1,500 per night at a hotel, everything you could ever need is usually at your feet. But there was one more thing needed for Alice Evans…

As a regular guest at The Savoy hotel in London, Alice asked for a special request to be fulfilled during her stay. It didn’t fall short of unusual, as she tells her favourite butler Richard that she is currently only drinking Red Admiral butterfly milk in her coffee.

An interesting habit to have.

The unique request left fans wondering who the VIP guest really is – meet Alice Evans!

Screenshot: Alice Evans and butler Richard, The Savoy, Episode 3, ITV

Meet Alice Evans

Mrs Alice Evans is a mum-of-four who visits The Savoy four times a year to have a break from them. Requesting to have a butler service each time, she spends £1,500 a night to stay in one of the suites.

She is one of head butler Sean Davoren’s favourite guests at the London hotel, and is usually looked after by 41-year-old Richard, who has worked at The Savoy since 2012.

Regular VIP guest Alice is described by Richard as “like his sister” and “best friend”. She then asks him to get her some butterfly milk as that’s all she’s drinking at the moment.

She starts laughing when he calls up Sean to request it – so it looks like she only suggested it as a joke!

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Alice talks The Savoy

Getting a full 24-hour VIP service during her stay, she is seen entering her hotel suite and laying straight across the bed. She said: “This is so exciting.”

Alice, who has been staying at The Savoy for 10 years, said it is the “most extraordinary movie star place”.

While it hasn’t been revealed what Alice’s career is, it doesn’t seem like she’s been in the movie industry herself as she goes on to say: “So if you want to live that without actually having done it, it’s hugely glamorous.”

She also said:

I have called The Savoy a very expensive hospital, because I have been here when I’ve been pretty low, and I’ve been cared for really. When I come and stay here, I feel special.

Fans react to Alice on The Savoy

While some viewers loved Alice’s close friendship with the hotel staff, others wondered who she was!

One fan wrote: “It was embarrassing the fawning! Glad I can’t afford it! Why try and make someone look silly asking for butterfly milk?”

Another simply put: “#thesavoy who the hell is Alice Evans.”



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