Who is Ferne McCann's grandad? Frank gets birthday dream on ITV's First Time Mum!

Ferne McCann’s grandad gets his birthday dream in the last episode of ITV’s First Time Mum series 6. So who is Frank? Let’s meet him!

Viewers may have their heart strings slightly pulled in the November 12th episode, as Ferne’s grandad fulfils his dream of flying a glider.

ITV’s cameras captured the unforgettable moment when Frank and Ferne graced the skies for his birthday treat.

So who is Ferne’s grandad? Let’s get to know Frank!

Screenshot: Ferne and Frank, First Time Mum, Series 6 Episode 4, ITV

Meet Ferne’s grandad

Frank is Ferne’s 90-year-old grandad, who gets to fulfil his dream of flying in a glider for his birthday in the November 12th episode.

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Ferne and Frank, who says he feels 21 in his mind, have a really close relationship with each other.

She has revealed that her grandad is the person in her life that she can go to for “trusted advice”, and she looks to him as a father figure.

Ferne also said that Frank likes to think of himself as a handyman.

Frank on Ferne McCann: First Time Mum

Frank has starred on First Time Mum every now and again, and was recently seen taking part in Ferne’s campaign with tyre firm Kwik Fit.

The campaign focuses on what father figures in your life have taught you whilst growing up.

As a thank you to him, Ferne thought she’d book her and her grandad to fly on a glider (an airplane without an engine), which was on his bucket list.

He said the journey was “tremendous” and that he’d like to do it again.

Which side of Ferne’s family is Frank on?

  • Although it hasn’t officially been confirmed, it appears that Frank is on Ferne’s mum’s side of the family

Frank regularly sees Ferne and her mum Gilly, so it looks like he is close to that side of the family, especially with his great-granddaughter.

His relationship with Sunday tends to bring tears to viewers’ eyes!

Ferne’s dad hasn’t been present when Frank has appeared on First Time Mum, however Gilly was there to watch him fly a glider.



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