Who is Jessica Alves? ‘Human Ken Doll’ talks life after surgery on This Morning

This Morning welcomed Jessica Alves onto the show this Monday, July 13th to talk life after surgery.

Jessica, who was previously known as Roddy in the public eye, recently underwent gender reassignment surgery. The British-Brazilian star explained to hosts Eamonn and Ruth that she has plans for three more surgeries, and more plans to one day have a child of her own.

But many viewers had questions about who Jessica Alves is, and what she is famous for. So, we’ve done some digging to find out more about the former ‘Human Ken Doll’, as she used to be known.

Screenshot: This Morning 13/07/2020 – ITV Hub

Who is Jessica Alves?

Jessica Alves, 36, Brazilian-British reality star. She was born Rodrigo, but went by “Roddy,” and was born in São Paulo. Jessica is currently based in East London, although, as she explained to Ruth and Eamonn, she has plans to move to Spain at some point in the future.

Jessica is famous for being the ‘Human Ken Doll’. Since the age of 17, she has been undergoing extreme surgeries to alter her physical appearance. Jessica’s surgeries have landed her the subject of many documentaries and features on surgery.

In August 2018, Jessica was thrown into the public eye starring on Celebrity Big Brother. She was posited as a celebrity thanks to her well-known ‘Human Ken Doll’ persona.


In January 2020, Jessica came out as a transgender woman and has been undergoing more surgeries since.

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Jessica talks surgery on This Morning

Jessica detailed to Ruth and Eamonn the intensive surgeries she has undergone to transition. The star has had her Adam’s apple and six pack removed, face feminisation surgery and female hormones. She also underwent breast enlargement surgery at £25,000 and a set of injections in her knees, hips and feet over a five-day period in Brazil which set her back £35,000.

Jessica told the This Morning hosts:

I still need two or three surgeries to complete my transition. Then I swear for good, I’m done with plastic surgery. There is only so much one can take. Every time I go to surgery, it’s scary, it’s to be the person I am. I have to go through all that.

Follow Jessica Alves on Instagram

Jessica has yet to change her Instagram handle, although her name has changed to ‘Jessica Alves’ in her bio.

You can find Jessica on Instagram under the handle @rodrigoalvesuk. The international star has a whopping 1,000,000 strong following.

Follow Jessica there for her latest updates.




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