Who is Lamara Harding? Meet Liv's BFF from Olivia Meets Her Match!

Olivia Attwood’s friend Lamara Harding was introduced to viewers during her ITV show ‘Olivia Meets Her Match’ in 2020.

Liv Attwood is no stranger to telly. The 29-year-old burst onto screens on Love Island series 3. Viewers may also recognise her from Celebs Go Dating, Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On and The Only Way Is Essex.

Now, in 2020, she and her husband-to-be, footballer Bradley Dack, have their own ITV show – Olivia Meets Her Match. Bradley plays for the Blackburn Rovers which means tat Olivia’s made some good friends with other women who are married to the team’s players.

Screenshot: Olivia Meets Her Match – ITV

Meet Olivia Attwood’s besties

Series 1 episode 4 saw Liv head out for a “blowout with the girls” in Manchester.

The Love Island and TOWIE star arrived to dinner ready to have a good time, her friend noted that Liv was “four pornstar martinis in”!

Liv talked everything from the lump in her breast to Brad’s surgery to her BFF Lamara’s baby gender!

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Lamara Harding: Olivia Meets Her Match

Lamara is one of Olivia’s ‘WAG’ friends who features on her ITV show alongside Alana Mulgrew and Hollie Mariez.

During their dinner in Manchester, Liv’s friend Lamara said: “I also have some news. So, the reason I wanted us all to meet up today was because I’ve had my 20-week scan, so I’ve found out what we’re having.”

The girls congratulated Lamara with Liv saying: “I think Lamara having two boys is gorgeous!

Screenshot: Lamara Harding – Olivia Meets Her Match – ITV

Meet Lamara on Instagram

Birmingham-born Lamara describes herself on Instagram (@lamaranicolexo) as a “Mummy to a Prince” with “Baby Number 2 on the way“. By the looks of things, she has a three-year-old son, Carter, with Blackburn Rovers player Amari’i Bell.

As explained on Olivia Meets Her Match, Lamara is having another baby who is due in January 2021.

Lamara has a sister, LaToya, (@latoyakimberley), who is a business reporter and actor. She also as 30,000 followers on TikTok!



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