Who is Linda Lusardi's best friend Angie? The Full Monty on Ice star opens up on ITV show
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Who is Linda Lusardi's best friend Angie? The Full Monty on Ice star opens up on ITV show

As The Full Monty on Ice returns to ITV for 2020, Linda Lusardi will strip naked in aid of her best friend. So who is Angie?

To promote cancer awareness, a group of celebrities including Dame Jeni Murray and Shaughna Phillips are seen getting naked – on ice.

The ITV series comes with personal stories about why they would ever strip naked on television – and in Linda’s case, it is all for her best friend Angie.

We done some research to find out who Linda has put it all on the ice for…

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Meet Linda Lusardi

Linda is a 62-year-old actress and former glamour model.

When she was 18, she began appearing as a Page 3 girl in The Sun, and continued to model for them for 12 years.

The London-born star has also been on soaps The Bill and Hollyoaks, as well as played the role of Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion at the Malvern Festival.

She is married to actor Samuel Kane, who she has been with for 22 years. They have two children called Jack and Lucy together.

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Linda opens up about Angie

Linda said that the Full Monty show has made her want to check herself for lumps and bumps in the past.

The star added that she lost her best friend Angie, to breast cancer, which made being part of the 2020 series a “no-brainer”.

Linda, who starred on Dancing in Ice in 2008, continued:

Obviously it was a concern having to expose myself, but, I put that aside and said yes. Then I found out it was on ice, so that was a bit of a shock, as I’ve always feared getting back on the ice.

She added that the cause is far greater than her concerns and that there was “no way” she was going to say no.

Who is Linda Lusardi’s best friend Angie?

Angie Lane was a fellow Page 3 model, who died of breast cancer in 1991.

Linda was 32 when her best friend died, five years after she was diagnosed.

Angie had confided in Linda during a shoot, and told her she had found a lump, five years before she passed away.

She had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy before getting a pain in her back, as the cancer was in her lymph nodes.

Angie was then told she didn’t have long left. Linda told the Daily Mail:

It was the first time I experienced losing someone I was really, really close to. I couldn’t accept she was going to go. The last time I saw her we were in her garden. I just thought it was so ironic she died of breast cancer having had a beautiful pair of boobs everyone admired.

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