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Who is Stephen Manford from The Million Pound Cube? Age and job of Jason's brother revealed!

ITV is launching its brand new show The Million Pound Cube this Saturday, and the first episode is all celebrities. Here’s everything you need to know about the first contestant Stephen Manford. 

Everyone’s favourite quiz show The Cube is back, but it’s a little different. It still features silver fox Phillip Schofield as host, but this time there’s an even bigger prize at stake.

The show is kickstarting with a celebrity special, and the first two contestants are comedian and TV presenter Jason Manford and his brother – but who is Stephen Manford?

Who is Stephen Manford?

Stephen Manford is the brother of well-known comedian Jason Manford, and like his sibling, he’s also likes performing in front of an audience. His age is unknown, but it is likely to be similar to his brother Jason who is 39-years-old.

Back in 2013, Stephen packed up his job as a plumber to be a full-time magician. He goes by the name of Stevie Mandini and performs at venues up and down the country.

In the day, he looks after his young children before doing mostly corporate events in the evenings, working at venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester Mirror Ball and Lowry Hotel.

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He is also an experienced children’s entertainer, performing at birthday parties and private events.

What did Stephen say about appearing on The Million Pound Cube?

In Stephen’s post-show interview, he revealed a little more about his appearance on the show.

When asked why he decided to take part he simply replied “because Jay asked me!” before explaining how he is a very competitive person and hates losing.

It definitely sounds like Stephen’s been practicing too. “I’ve always watched the show. I’d be that person at home saying how easy the games were and that I’d be able to do it. When I heard I was going on, I built some games in the garden and had my wife and kids throw things at me and time me at doing different things,” he said.

He said that having no audience made him feel slightly more relaxed, before revealing that there was one game where he really should have listened to his brother’s help.

What is The Million Pound Cube?

The Million Pound Cube is the new and improved version of ITV’s hit show The Cube. However, this time there is a life-changing £1 million jackpot to win.

The show follows the same setup, with contestants completing tasks inside a big perspex box, with pairs from the same household working together and taking on both joint and solo tasks.

Each pair has nine lives to complete seven games, and the thrilling quiz show will air every Saturday at 9pm.

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