Big Brother 2018 faced a serious shake-up when favourite Lewis Flanagan was removed from the house on Friday, October 26th.

The 27-year-old was the runaway favourite to win the competition but was told he had to leave the house after using what BB deemed as “unacceptable language”.

Season 19 is now heading into its grand final (Monday, November 5th) with each of the final four in with a chance of claiming the crown.

So who is the new favourite to win Big Brother 2018? What are the latest odds?

Big Brother 2018 - Tomasz.
Big Brother 2018 – Tomasz.

Who is Left in Big Brother UK?

Only four contestants now remain – Zoe Jones, Cian Carrigan, Akeem Griffiths and Cameron Cole.

Sian Hamshaw and Brooke Berry were the latest contestants to leave the house following a double eviction on Friday night (November 2nd).

Big Brother Odds

Although considered a controversial character within the house, and having received the most nomination votes from fellow housemates, Lewis Flanagan was the runaway favourite to win Big Brother 2018.

It looked as if the 27-year-old was destined to win the series with his odds are as strong as 1/1 on some betting sites.

Now, however, that’s not a possibility.

5 things you DIDN’T KNOW about Lewis Flanagan

Big Brother 2018 - Lewis F Instagram
Big Brother 2018 – Lewis F Instagram

The favourite is now Cameron Cole.

The 18-year-old has always been considered an outsider for the crown but has since moved above the likes of Akeem Griffiths in the popularity rankings following his emotional reaction to Lewis’s dismissal.

Irishman Cian Carrigan is still up there running a close second while the only other likely winner is Akeem.

Cian Carrigan: 5 things you DIDN’T KNOW about the Big Brother star!

  • Cameron Cole – 2/1
  • Cian Carrigan – 8/1
  • Akeem Griffiths – 3/1
  • Zoe Jones – 16/1

Is This the End of Big Brother?

Channel 5 confirmed that they will not be renewing their contract with Big Brother, ending their seven-year relationship with the series.

However, it’s believed that Big Brother is hopeful that another broadcaster will pick them up, having optimistically applied to renew their lease on the Big Brother house.

The latest rumour is that BB will switch from terrestrial TV to a modern online platform…

Big Brother Summer 2018
Big Brother Summer 2018

Big Brother on Netflix?

As reported by The Sun, streaming giants Netflix are looking at the option to bring Big Brother into their huge TV and movie roster.

An insider told the publication that Endemol, who own the Big Brother format, will sit down to discuss a deal:

Netflix could be the saviours of Big Brother — the news fans have wanted to hear since Channel 5 made the announcement. Of course it’s still early days. Streaming sites have a lot of money so it’s an option they’re looking at,” they continued.

Despite this, ITV have always remained the front-runners to take on Big Brother for another new series.

Either way, it looks like there is enough interested to keep BB running for a little longer!


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