Big Brother is back for its 24th season in 2022 and as of September 9th, the season finale is nearing very quickly. Michale’s been breaking records, Alyssa and Kyle had an on-screen romance and the Jury segments are back and are turning out to be a favourite part of the show for fans.

Each week there are eliminations on Big Brother and on September 8th’s episode, there was a shocking double eviction. As the house guests’ fate is decided, a different Head of House is selected each week, too. So, who is the new HoH on Big Brother? Let’s find out more…

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Who is the new HoH on Big Brother?

During BB24 episode 28, Taylor, Turner, Monte, Alyssa and Brittany played a game called Laser Focus hosted by Julie Chen-Moonves.

Turner was the winner of the game which means that he won the position of Head of Household for this week.

Turner becoming HoH followed on from Michael being last week’s HoH.

Week 10 saw a double eviction take place

After Turner was announced as the new HoH, he had to choose two house guests to go up for eviction during episode 28.

This came after one house guest, Terrance, had already been evicted on September 8th.

After Turner made his choice for the double eviction, it was Michael who was next to leave the main BB24 house.

Who is the new HoH on Big Brother?

For week 10, Monte is the new HoH on Big Brother 24.

Monte now has the power to decide who he thinks should head to the block for the next eviction.

He’s the Head of Household of the final five house guests on this year’s competition.

Many fans take to Twitter each week to comment on who they think should be the next HoH. One fan tweeted: “I need a Taylor or Brittany HOH PLEASE BB GODS!”.

Another wrote: “this monte hoh is kind of exciting bc it could truly go in any direction!! but taylor for veto please”.

The next BB24 episode airs on Sunday, September 11th and the finale airs on September 25th.



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