Over the years, The Only Way is Essex has delivered drama, feuds, and many relationships.

In the latest episode of season 26, the ITV reality soap saw Diags and his ex-girlfriend Fran Parman reunite after they allegedly went a year without talking. They made small talk as Fran went over to speak to him during a night out in London, and fans went crazy on Twitter for it.

The former TOWIE couple, who ended their relationship three years ago, were on everyone’s minds as viewers began to miss them being together. But why did Fran and Diags split up? We found out what happened!

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Screenshot: Fran, Amber, Dan and Diags on Episode 6 Series 26, TOWIE, ITV

Fran and Diags: Relationship timeline

The former TOWIE couple, who had moved in together in a flat shortly before their break-up, called it quits on their three-and-a-half-year relationship in 2017.

The reason behind their break-up wasn’t revealed at the time, however Diags had said he was a single man during an episode of the ITV show.

It was revealed that after the break up, they saw each other, he allegedly went back to Fran’s place and “things happened” between them – before Diags reportedly blocked her.

However they insinuated that they were still sleeping together in January earlier this year, when Fran asked him why they do so in an Eating With My Ex episode.

During the BBC Three series, Diags spoke of his relationship with Fran and said: “It was the best time of my life.”

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Why did Fran and Diags split up?

  • Diags allegedly split up with Fran after she returned from a trip to Ibiza with her friends

In an exclusive interview with OK!, Fran revealed that Diags told her they “weren’t working” after his trip to Ibiza. He had told Fran they couldn’t go to Ibiza together and then decided to go with his friends.

While he was away, Fran had reportedly gotten drunk, sent him a text and written a Tweet, to which Diags told her she was “embarrassing”.

Then Fran told Diags she was going to Marbella, and on her return, she decided she was willing to work on their relationship. However that’s when Diags called it quits and broke off their relationship.

In the Eating With My Ex episode, she revealed that she didn’t trust Diags while they were together as he was once on a PA and went to a strip club. Fran said he didn’t answer his phone all night.


Fans react to Fran and Diags’ reunion

Viewers appeared excited when they saw Fran approach Diags in the London bar in last night’s episode.

One fan said: “I’d love Fran and Diags to get back together #towie.”

However Diags went public with his new girlfriend Sophie Ernoult last month.

Another viewer said: “#towie Fran you look bloody amazing. Hopefully if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic Diags could of gave her a hug and it wouldn’t have been so awks.”



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