It was a quiz-heavy night last night (Sunday, December 29th) on ITV, as Quizmaster and The Chase Celebrity Special aired back-to-back.

While the vast knowledge of TV’s most famous brainiacs impressed viewers on Quizmaster, they were less enthused when the celebrities took on The Chase.

In the special celeb episode, actress Leonie Elliott took on The Beast, but did not get very far with her general knowledge. However, that wasn’t the only thing which caught the attention of viewers, as Leonie was sat down the entire episode.

So, why was did Leonie Elliott sit down on The Chase?

Screenshot: The Chase Celebrity Special S9 E6 – ITV Hub

Who is Leonie?

Leonie Elliott is a 31-year-old actress from London.

She is best known for her role as Lucille Anderson in BBC series Call the Midwife. Leonie joined the cast back in January 2018 and has become one of the core characters since.

Some other shows Leonie has starred in include Black Mirror (2016), Danny and the Human Zoo, and Casualty.

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Why did Leonie sit down on The Chase?

Mark “The Beast” Labbett was not going to let Leonie get away with the fact she was sitting down during her round of The Chase.

He said: “What [are] you doing sitting down for? People stand on this show!”

But host Bradley Walsh wasn’t going to let the episode’s chaser get under Leonie’s skin. Bradley leapt to Leonie’s defence claiming that she was sat down due to a sprained ankle.

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Screenshot: The Chase Celebrity Special S9 E6 – ITV Hub

Leonie on The Chase

The episode which aired last night is episode 6 from series 9. It originally aired on September 14th, 2019.

Leonie starred in the episode alongside Russell Kane, Kevin Clifford and Bonnie Langford.

Leonie took The Beast’s lower offer of £1,000 and brought it to the team’s pot. However, she was eliminated shortly after in the Final Chase.

Although the celebs did not take home their £9,000 winnings, The Chase donated £1,000 each to their chosen charities.