The wedding special of Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries was filled with more drama and tears than viewers could handle!

Much of it was to do with Dave Chatwood – Sam and Billie’s step-dad – wreaking havoc.

The subject of Sam and Billie’s dad came up again in August 2019 when Sam appeared on Lorraine. and again during episode 1 of The Mummy Diaries series 6.

It turns out that the TOWIE stars’ dad Dave had a dodgy past including a stint in prison.

So why was Dave in jail? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Dave Chatwood’s past…

Dave Chatwood jail
Pictured: Dave makes the ceremony.

Dave Chatwood: Bio

Dave is a 65-year-old from Essex who married Sam and Billie Faiers’ mum Sue Wells when they were just toddlers.

After their father, Lee Faiers, became abusive and wayward, Sue moved on with Dave.

He has been a father-figure for the girls since he joined their family. However, Sue and Dave aren’t together anymore.

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Dave Chatwood jail
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Episode 1
Pictured: Sam and Billie.

Why was Dave Chatwood in jail?

In 2012, Dave was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in a £1.1 million gold bullion robbery.

In October 2011, a lorry driving from Antwerp, Belgium was targetted. This lorry was carrying over one million pounds worth of gold and other precious metals.

Dave, alongside eight other men, were initially accused of the crime with Dave being branded the “ringleader” by some.

But as Dave, the lorry driver and another accomplice all admitted they were guilty of conspiracy to steal, they did not stand trial.

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How did he get out?

Dave ended up serving just four months of his four-year sentence.

This was because he had already served seven-and-a-half months on remand because he hadn’t gone to trial.

A source told the Daily Star: 

Chatwood is a career criminal but no matter what he does the Faiers sisters stand by him.

Did Dave’s jail time have an effect on the family?

Sam Faiers opened up on Lorraine on August 16th 2019 where she explained that she has a habit of pulling out her eyelashes.

She previously saw a hypnotherapist but once she stopped the therapy she started pulling again. Today she’s seeing a life coach who is helping her with the issue so that it’s not normalised for her children, Rosie and Paul.

Sam said the trigger for pulling out her eyelashes was her step-father, Dave, going to prison. She explained that when she was young, another little girl told her that if you pull out an eyelash and make a wish it’ll come true.

This led Sam to start a habit which has been going on for twenty years.

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Dave Chatwood jail
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