Why was Take Me Out cancelled? Fans react to Paddy McGuinness’ pull from ITV

Paddy McGuinness fans, hold your breath, we have some terrible news.

After 11 years of broadcast, Take Me Out has been cancelled.

No more episodes. No more “no likey, no lighty.” Worst of all, no more Isle of Fernando!

Despite the fact Take Me Out has proven itself to be one of TV’s most successful dating shows, with many marriages and long-term relationships under its belt, ITV have made the decision to pull the show after a decade on our screens. So, why was Take Me Out cancelled?

From Thames
Take Me Out: SR11 on ITV
Pictured: Paddy McGuinness and The Flirty Thirty.

Why was Take Me Out cancelled?

To the shock of many who have watched and adored the hilarious, oftentimes awkward dating show, ITV have decided that Take Me Out has run its course.

A spokesperson for the network said:

ITV and Paddy [McGuinness] have done all the specials you can eke out of a dating show, so it’s been decided it’s time for it to go.

Another factor leading to its cancellation comes from the show’s viewing figures, which is a fair enough reason as any. The most recent series (series 11) aired in 2019 and the spokesperson implied that Take Me Out had had a slump. They said: “As with many shows, ratings have slid a bit in recent years.”

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ITV says its goodbyes

It was a bittersweet farewell from the ITV bosses, as they waved goodbye to one of their most popular reality shows over the past decade.

But with Love Island now dominating with two seasons per year, we’re sure they’re not too sad at HQ, they’ve got their hands pretty full as it is!

The spokesperson concluded saying: “We’d like to thank Paddy, the production team at Thames as well as all the contributors for their hard work in making the show such unmissable television.”

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What did Paddy have to say?

As of yet, the shows 46-year-old host Paddy McGuinness has not made a statement regarding ITV’s decision.

Considering that Take Me Out really rocketed Paddy’s career and established him as a household name for both the older and younger generations, you’d assume Paddy would be sad to see it go.

However, from the looks of Paddy’s Twitter feed, all he’s thinking about right now is his current role presenting Top Gear. Paddy joined the Top Gear team in 2018 after its post-Clarkson revival, joining the team with Freddie Flintoff and regular host Chris Harris.




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