Kurupt and Toni Calvert's rocky relationship in Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition

Hit television series Marriage Boot Camp is back for season 17 on WE tv with all new episodes.

Marriage Boot Camp helps couples receive professional help to allow them to better understand and connect with their partner. They also participate in a series of exercises that hopefully will help them understand themselves as well. The latest Hip Hop Edition kicked off with a new cast of hip hop and reality star couples who need as much help as they can get in fixing their relationships.

The first episode (Thursday, July 2nd) presented enough drama to assure viewers that the entire season is bound to be interesting.

Although each celebrity couple is going through problems within their relationships, the couple with the most drama appears to be Kurupt and Toni Calvert. So, we thought we’d dive into Kurupt and Toni’s relationship to find out more about the Marriage Boot Camp stars.

Kurupt: Relationship overview

Ricardo Emmanuel Brown. Jr., AKA Kurupt, is known for being a rapper and member of the hip hop duo, Tha Dogg Pound. The group was based out of West California.

Before Kurupt was in a relationship with Toni Calvert, he was married to Jovan Brown who goes by the name “Gail Gotti.” They married in 2007.

Kurupt and Jovan split up in 2017, and she claimed that Kurupt left her after she was diagnosed with cancer. He denies her accusations. Kurupt has even said that they have not been together since 2010.

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Kurupt and Toni’s relationship issues explained

Kurupt didn’t let the drama that occurred with his estranged wife stop him from finding love again with Toni Calvert. But now the couple of three years are having relationship issues due to Kurupt’s drinking problem and promiscuity.

In Marriage Boot Camp episode 1, Toni revealed that Kurupt has cheated on her and lied about it twice. Fans immediately labeled their relationship as toxic.

According to Toni, the second time Kurupt cheated was the day before the couple checked into the Marriage Boot Camp house with the other couples. Kurupt’s alcohol addiction appears to be the reason why the two are experiencing major problems within their relationship. During the season premiere Kurupt also claimed that the way Toni talks to him is the reason why he drinks.

Toni expressed how unhappy she is with his behavior and how things are in their relationship. She was cold and distant, and didn’t even want him to touch her. What’s clear is that this couple has a lot of things to work on at boot camp.




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