To celebrate the end of Made in Chelsea series 15, we rallied together the best tweets from every corner of the internet.

Twitter had plenty to say on the Olivia Bentley and Digby Edgley saga, not to mention an appreciation of Mark Francis and his hilarious one-liners.

Series 15 may be over, but Stanley Johnson turning up will forever be remembered in history.

Screen Shot: STANLEY - Made in Chelsea, E4

Screen Shot: STANLEY – Made in Chelsea, E4

Ryan Libbey’s ETERNAL hatred of Alik

Because Alik will NEVER stop talking about…

Any time MYTTON appeared on screen

Especially AROUND Liv

Jeeze. Remember the NEW guy!

Who got PARRED by Sophie Hermann

And looked ODD next to James Taylor

When Jamie Laing introduced us to ANOTHER girlfriend

AND we found out that she was 19…

The Liv and Digby drama that made ZERO sense

Cus Liv was acting WEIRD all series

FRANCIS fencing, camping and doing ballet

Yeah. We NEEDED more of him!

Remember when HABBS clung on to a storyline

And we were forced to SUPPRESS her voice

NEVER forget that Stanley Johnson turned up

OR the general spending of MIC money

The SARCASTIC beauty of Mark Francis

That kept GIVING…

That WEIRD Habbs and Sam Thompson shower scene

Like, honestly

Or when Jamie Laing picked a BADGER as a costume

AND those rock ‘n’ roll scenes

 When Jemima SHUT DOWN Sam Prince for cheating

And WASTED her cocktail

At least we finally got RID of Frankie Gaff

And her HAIR!