5 cheats to work your way up FAST in The Sims mobile game!

Fancy absorbing yourself in a make-believe life for hours on end? Get excited at the thought of a fantasy career in politics? Feel the need to adopt 20 cats? Well, then it looks like virtual simulation game The Sims is for you!

The first ever version of The Sims was launched in the year 2000, since then various editions of the game have been created across all platforms.

Now we have The Sims Mobile.

Released on March 6th, 2018 The Sims Mobile has received a score of 73% on Metacritic.

Here’s how to seriously boss the free game…

The Sims Mobile Game – EA Mobile

Complete Quests

It’s essential on The Sims Mobile game to complete as many quests as you can.

The quests tab can be found near the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Quests include greeting new neighbours, buying furniture, taking a break on the sofa and spending a day at work.

The Sims Mobile Game – EA Mobile

Level Up

By working a quick shift in whichever career you choose, you’ll be rewarded with XP points, simoleons and career points which all go towards levelling up.

At level four on the game, you’ll be given the option to unlock a New District such as ‘Going Places’ or ‘Party On’.

You can also unlock venues, house decorations and gain SimCash by levelling up as well as being given the option to add a new playable Sim to your game!

The Sims Mobile cheats Android – EA Mobile

Scrimp on SimCash

Wherever you can, avoid using up your SimCash.

In certain situations, you may need to splash the cash in order to complete a quest such as purchasing a whole bedroom set or a new kitchen collection.

However, only ever do this is it’s 100% necessary.

The Sims Mobile Game – EA Mobile

Assess your needs

It’s very tempting on The Sims to go all out and create your dream home.

But, to get further in the game it’s important to save as many Simoleons as possible.

Having a lovely home to come back to is nice but do you really need that Sleepytime Lamp?

The Sims Mobile Game – EA Mobile

Take A Risk

Playing safe doesn’t always get you far in The Sims mobile, if you get the opportunity to take a risk at work and ‘Attempt showing off’ for example and the outcome is likely to be successful rather than a failure then go for it.

Your Sim will let you know when they feel confident enough to complete a risky action.

If you can complete risky actions, do!

The Sims Mobile Game – EA Mobile




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