5 reasons why we WISH Darylle Sargeant stayed in Love Island

Episode 29 saw four Love Island 2018 contestants sent packing from the villa.

Adam Collard and Darylle Sargeant were the only couple to face the chop, while Ellie Jones Alex Miller were left lonely and single as their partners were snapped up by other Islanders.

Love Island 2018 contestants: Who are the remaining couples?

All four will now depart the Love Island villa after Friday (July 7th) night’s episode.

We can’t help but wish Darylle Sargeant stayed around a little longer, though. Here are five reasons why we WISH Darylle stayed in Love Island!

1. Darylle is Different

Okay, so saying that Darylle Sargeant is ‘different’ because she has tattoos is a little stupid and shallow.

But there is proof to the pudding.

Darylle doesn’t just have a small flower tattoo on her lower back, she is covered in tattoos from head to toe – not everyone could pull off this look.

The 24-year-old eyebrow technician told Wes Nelson about how “spontaneous” and “outgoing” she is, and we would’ve loved to have seen more of this.

2. She Will be More Loyal Than Meg

Not particularly hard, right?

Considering the show is called Love Island, you would have expected loyalty to be a key theme in the show.


Megan Barton-Hanson has made a complete mockery of this ‘loyalty’ nonsense and we can’t help but feel Darylle Sargeant is more deserving at a shot at love.

Not forgetting that £50k cash, too!

Love Island: SR4: Ep23 on ITV2 – Megan steal Wes

3. Darylle Had Sparks With Wes

Wes Nelson genuinely cut a torn figure when he was making his choice for the recoupling.

The options were; quiet Ellie Jones, cheating Megan Barton-Hanson or exotic Darylle Sargeant.

Okay, so it would have meant stabbing Adam Collard in the back, but this guy was heading out of the villa as soon as episode 29 started.


What could have been between Wes and Darylle…

Wes on a date with Darylle Sargeant – Love Island, ITV2, series 3





Love Island: SR4: Ep32 on ITV2 Wes should have picked Darylle Sargeant.

4. Adam Collard Pretty Much Played Her

It’s difficult to sympathise with Darylle considering she was the third or fourth (too many to keep count) girl to be played by Adam Collard.

Adam departed the villa in a weird sort of daydream bubble where he was constantly reminiscing about former Love Island lover Zara McDermott.

Fans may have felt a little warm remorse for Adam and his coming of age, only for the fact that he strung Darylle along and hit her up with a rebound snog.

OPINION: Is Love Island’s Adam Collard really that much of a d*ck? 

Love Island: SR4: Ep29 on – Adam Collard and Darylle Sargeant

5. We Didn’t Get to Hear About Darylle’s Tattoos

During Darylle’s date with Wes, they chatted about Wes’s lack of body art and how he should get some funky new tats.

Why was the topic of conversation Wes!

We never got a chance to hear why Darylle has a tattoo of an elephant performing at a circus and the meaning behind the huge ram needled into her sternum.

At least we got to hear Wes talking about his zero tattoos, right…



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