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From ITV Studios Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2 Pictured: New Jack - oluwajack - chats to new girl Stephanie.

7 best TWEETS on Jack Fowler as 'Oluwajack' - Love Island

Jack Fowler has donned a new nickname ever since entering the Love Island 2018 villa.

The 22-year-old from London joined the Island crew on day 26, with the term ‘Oluwajack’ surfacing on Twitter the very next day.

After hearing his unusual accent, some sections of social media believed that it sounded Nigerian. And, with the word Oluwa meaning Our Lord and often making up part of a name, the term ‘Oluwajack’ was given to Jack.

It all began with 140 characters from @BeeBabs… and has quickly become a viral sensation.

On a MAP: This is where Love Island’s new Jack is from!

1. Jack’s Croyde v Croydon Dilemma

Jack hails from London and plays semi-professional football for Essex-based team Harlow Town.

A clear lack of countryside knowledge was on display as Jack attempted to flirt with the new Island Bombshell, Laura Crane.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

The surfer from Devon mentioned that she was from a small town called Croyde, with Jack repeatedly replying “Croydon?”… “Croydon?”.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2
Pictured: New ‘Oluwajack’ Jack flirts with new girl Laura.

2. His Bond With Wes Nelson

New Jack has sparked a tight bond with both Wes Nelson and Josh Denzel since entering the villa, something that didn’t go unnoticed by our favourite ‘Oluwajack’ tweeter @BeeBabs.

She must be talking about these guys…

3. That Laura Anderson Convo

Perhaps the most awkward conversation of Love Island series four came when Jack had to worm his way out his relationship with Laura Anderson.

Clearly, Jack was just never that interested in the 29-year-old air hostess.

Once the new girls came in, Jack had to ditch Laura, although he did so while stuttering, stammering and making up every excuse in the book.

Sorry, Laura, it’s not you, it’s him.

4. Jack Fowler’s Towering Height

As the tallest guy in the villa, Jack’s height has been earning him a lot of attention.

Well, we can officially confirm that he is 6ft3.

5. He is Finally Free

If new Jack fans have one message for the 22-year-old, it’s to stay well clear of Laura.

This is Jack’s second attempts at wriggling free from her grasp, with only 10 days left before the series finale.

It’s the home straight, Jack…

Love Island: SR4 on ITV2, Laura Anderson

6. Not Quite Getting It

The whole Oluwjack phenomenon is still a little hit and miss with the press, however.

Twitter is not impressed with The Mirror’s interpretation of ‘Oluwajack’.

How Jack Fowler became ‘Oluwajack’ on Twitter – Love Island 2018

7. Jack Fowler’s Confirmation

If there is one thing Love Island fans are waiting for, it’s for Jack to come out of the villa and to the run with the ‘Oluwajack’ joke.

If he does self-acknowledge the nickname, then Jacky-boy could be the biggest legend to come out of series four.




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