7 of our favourite quotes from Ibiza Weekender’s El Jefe and Deano

Ibiza Weekender is up and running on ITV2, steamrolling into its fourth season on the famous White Isle.

The reality TV show follows the outrageous adventures of Ibiza holiday reps and the partygoers who visit Ibiza looking for fun, sun and endless amounts of alcohol.

Head Rep David, also known as El Jefe, has been a huge highlight of the series so far, offering endless amounts of wit, sass and sarcasm.


Richly entertaining, hilariously ruthless and always snapping his fingers on point, David brings the show to life.

Fan favourite Deano left the show after episode three, but he left a lasting impression on the show with some hilarious quotes. Mainly about how useless Chyna is!

Here’s seven of our favourite quotes from El Jefe and Deano.

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El Jefe knows how to make guests feel at home when arriving to the Ibiza Weekender hotel.

“Get yourselves unpacked, have a shower, a poo if you need a poo.”


Deano had some unique thoughts to offer on Chyna’s, shall we say, relaxed approach to work.

ITV2: Ibiza Weekender – Chyna

“She’s on standby. Your telly does work, don’t chuck it out yet, but I feel like we’ve lost the remote to Chyna.”


Life as a holiday rep in Ibiza tends to scramble your brain a little bit. Just as Deano found out when trying to explain a tea party.

“I don’t know what a tea party is but I guess we will find out. I guess it’s just a party with tea.”


El Jefe is a modest man. Especially when it comes to bigging-up the rest of his Ibiza Weekender staff.

“Because apart from me, there’s not really that much eye candy.”


And if there is one thing El Jefe likes about his men, it’s when their upper bodies are carved into the shape of Dominos slices.

ITV2: Ibiza Weekender – Topless guests

“He’s got a body shaped like pizza, and I like pizza.”


Trained to the highest hotel standards, Deano has proved an inspiration to anyone working in hospitality. Particularly when it comes to innovation.

“I didn’t have a servant, so I just used the bath matt.”

And finally, sometimes the boss El Jefe doesn’t actually need to say anything. As spotted by an eagle-eyed fan on Twitter, David always made sure he was casting an eye over his team.



When is Ibiza Weekender on and on what channel?

The next episode of Ibiza Weekender is on tonight (Sunday, February 3, 2018) on ITV2 at 9pm.

Can I be an Ibiza Weekender rep?

Applications for Ibiza Weekender 2018 are now closed.

Unfortunately, the show concluded its filming a long time ago.With our help however, you can stay one step ahead when it comes to applying for season five of show.

Sign up to starnow.co.uk and keep an eye on the Reality TV jobs section.

Rules state you must be between 18-23 years old and ‘have the confidence to get the party started ON and OFF camera’. Expenses are all paid, so we might even apply.

To find more about Ibiza Weekender and the current holiday reps click here.

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