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Eyal Booker's weird 'I love green things comment' - Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 9

7 'green things' Eyal Booker definitely LOVES - Love Island

Eyal Booker confessed that he ‘loves green things’ in a weird little outburst during Love Island episode nine.

Now, it’s time to speculate on what the ‘spiritual’ model actually meant by his four words of philosophical tosh.

Eyal Booker – he loves green things.

1. Trees

Without a shadow of a doubt, Eyal’s no.1 green thing is a tree.

They create an ecosystem to provide both habitat and food for all animals, and more importantly, they come in lots of different shades of green.

2. Avocado’s

If you were to picture the type of guy who could preach about the glorious taste and health benefits of avocados for six hours, it would be an identical replica of Eyal.

If that curly mop doesn’t scream smashed-avo on toast, what does…

Manipulative Eyal – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 8

3. Moss

Eyal Booker loves moss – fact.

He’s the type of guy who would take you on a date camping, just so he can show off his river dam making skills by building bridges and teepees from moss.

Digging the earth with his bare hands – what a guy!

4. Anaconda’s

Having already successfully snaked behind Dr Alex’s back for a shot at love with Megan Barton-Hanson, yup, Eyal’s favourite animal has to be a big green anaconda.


Screen Shot: Manipulative Eyal – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 8

5. Freshly-cut Grass

Summer is here, and for Eyal, we imagine that he can’t wait to get back to England to soak in the smell of freshly cut grass.

This guy 100% does not have hayfever, although he does feel bad that the grass is gruesomely murdered for his sniffing pleasure.

6. Zucchini

He definitely doesn’t call it a courgette, does he.

To be ‘different’ and ‘international’ we imagine eggplant is another favourite from Eyal’s five-star vegetable vocabulary.

7. Turquoise

Eyal is a clever and complex guy, so we’re sure he could ramble on for hours about what green means to him.

It’s the concept. The idea of green that makes it beautiful. You know?

And out of all the shades of green he likes, we imagine quirky turquoise is the colour that he’d choose.


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